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Nadia's Digest - Issue #18 (July)

Nadia's Digest - Issue #18 (July)
By Nadia Piet • Issue #18 • View online
Can I take up a moment of your precious time?
Because I’m already a bit delayed in sending this issue out, we’re moving straight into it. Without further ado, here’s July’s selection of things to read, watch, listen, learn about, ponder on and test.
In issue #18:
  • Pondering how humans & AI will work together 🕴🤖
  • Udemy’s free Introduction to AI course by Peter Norvig & Sebastian Thrun
  • Susan Blackmore explains human evolution & culture with her talk on genes, memes & temes 💡
  • Get paid for walking with the Sweatcoin app 🚶‍♀️💸
  • The first Humans @ Work newsletter is out: What does it mean to be human at work? 🤔
  • Listening to: The Internet - Come Together 🎙️🔭
  • Echo: Alan Watts on Suffering

From The Atlantic
From The Atlantic
How will humans & AI work together? 🕴🤖
Before the Singularity hits us, there will be a transitioning phase in which we are not replaced, but amplified, by AI & robots. It’s my latest obsession to ponder this human-AI collaboration.
What might a hybrid workforce look like? How will we work together with them as our colleagues, managers and assistants? How might we train humans & AI in their will, skill and interaction to collaborate? How do we shift from man versus machine to man featuring machine perspective?
I’m planning to do my thesis on this topic and am looking to learn more about it. If you’re intrigued, read the article below to get your visions flowing and I’d love to hear about and discuss them too.
Cognitive Collaboration: Why Humans and Computers Think Better Together
Intro to Artificial Intelligence 🕳️📖
On that note, if you share my interest in AI you might want to check out this Intro to Artificial Intelligence course at Udemy. It’s taught by Peter Norvig & Sebastian Thrun (Udacity), completely free, and self-paced. I just got started so let me know if you join!
Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Susan Blackmore on genes, memes & temes 💡
Fist of all, you should watch this just to understand the meaning of the word meme beyond the funny IG posts. Second, it’s an impressive talk offering us refreshing and logical perspectives on human evolution, culture, the relation between both and how technology is now taking on its role in carrying forward humanity. Shouts to my friend Roy for putting me on to Susan Blackmore’s work - highly recommended if you enjoy inquiries into human nature, from both science & philosophy, with or without answers.
Susan Blackmore: Memes and "temes" - YouTube
Get paid for walking, for real 🚶‍♀️💸
When I first heard about this app I struggled to believe its value proposition. A few weeks in, I can confirm it’s true: SweatCoin ‘pays’ you for walking. Sure it’s only 5 cents per 1000 steps but hey, you’ll be stepping anyway won’t you? Just leave it running in the background and after some time, you can spend your well-earned Sweatcoin on goodies, discounts, iPhones, TV’s and PayPal payouts. Sign up now and no more half-steppin’!
Sweatcoin — the app that pays you to get fit
What does it mean to be human at work? 🤔
Want to know what’s happening at the frontlines of the future of work, leadership & teams without sifting through 47 blogs, 83 reports and 261 tabs? We got you.
Fascinated by the changing nature of work and passionate about making organizations more human-centric, we started Humans @ Work - a monthly newsletter with curated practices and stories on talent, leadership, teams, human capital, and careers in the broadest sense.
The first one (our “MVP”) is out now and we would love to share it with you and hear your thoughts and early feedback! Read it here & join the collective to be the first to receive future editions 👏
Humans @ Work #1
Listening to: The Internet - Come Together 🎧
Since The Internet’s released their new album Hive Mind last month, I’ve been playing it on heavy rotation. They never disappoint me. Enjoy the chill vibes!
The Internet - Come Together (Official Audio) - YouTube
Echo: Alan Watts on Suffering
“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.” - Alan Watts
I hope you enjoyed it! And yes, for those who pay attention, I added a little quote section at the end. I have a personal file where I collect sayings I wish to live by. Every issue I will pick one out I resonate with and want to echo onward to you.
Thanks again for your time and have a beautiful day! And if you fucks with my monthly digest, please share it with your networks or specific people you think would enjoy it the same. I’d be forever grateful!
With love from Amsterdam,
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