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Nadia's Digest - Issue #17 (June)

Nadia's Digest - Issue #17 (June)
By Nadia Piet • Issue #17 • View online
Goedemorgen! Or have a beautiful day - depending on what timezone you’re currently in. 
After these amazing months roaming around Asia, I find myself back in Europe - hence the Dutch greeting. Although I’m struggling a little with the transition, it’s been a warm homecoming to see my loved ones again and enjoy the rarity of Dutch summer days while I’m contemplating and designing what the next chapter of my life will look like. 
Before we get into this month’s best reads / views / plays, I’d like to make 2 timely observations.
1. The start of July marks halftime! Time for a little midyear reflection. How has your 2018 been so far? What have been your biggest highlights & successes? How have you been showing up? What are your intentions for the second half? Taking a moment for reflection, in whatever form suits you, is so powerful and 3x worth our time. I published mine in Instagram stories if you’re curious.2. My first ever digest was sent in July 2017 which means I’ve been at this for a year now! I want to give a big big thank you to you for being part of this and reading along with all that I like to share with you. I’d also like to take this occasion as an opportunity to ask for your thoughts. Which particular stories or themes do you most enjoy? Some type of media? A writing style? Spill the beans! Although this serves as a curated expression, I’d love to hear why you read these and how I can make them better for you.
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Moving on, what’s featured in issue #17:
  • 99% Invisible details the process of bringing an emoji into being and more specifically the funny story behind the recently introduced lotus-position emoji 🙂🎙️
  • Tim Brown serves us a favorable view on automation and its potential to bring creativity front and center 🤖🎨
  • Self-study with Acumen’s free schooling and upskilling for (aspiring) social changemakers 👩‍🏫
  • Deepen or pick up your yoga practice in the comfort of your own home with the Yoga with Adriene youtube channel 🤸🎋
  • Hear me chatting about experimental life design & more as a guest on my friend Ben’s podcast Discovery Lane 💬✨
  • Listening to: Funkommunity - Dandilion 🌼

How emojis come into existence 🙂🎙️
I know not everybody shares my fascination for emoji’s, but you have to admit its gaining ground as a language of its own. A London language firm even recruited for an emoji translator, with part of the application process being an emoji literacy test (see how far you get!). In the category of things you never think about but are really cool to know, my favorite podcast of all-time 99% Invisible did an episode fully detailing how emojis come to be. It turns out anyone can submit a proposal to Unicode and to understand the process of birthing an emoji, that’s exactly what they did. It is their research-led gimmick that has brought us the lotus position emoji I use on any yoga-related post today. 
Person in Lotus Position - 99% Invisible
A favorable view on automation 🤖🎨
The tone of conversations around automation is often gloomy, and although we should be wary, as a tech-optimist I can’t help but think of all the freedom it could bring us. Taking away the repetitive and mindless work we fill so many of our living hours with, we get the space to be creative, contemplative, and human again. Tim Brows taps into this hopeful sentiment in this post, and it’s a welcomed counter message opening our mind to the new and empowering possibilities we can help manifest.
IDEO CEO Tim Brown believes that creativity will be the solution to automation — Quartz
Acumen's free schooling for changemakers 👩‍🏫
Acumen is a global nonprofit changing the way the world tackles poverty by investing in sustainable businesses, leaders, and ideas. I’ve been admiring their work from afar and just recently I discovered they offer (some paid, plenty free) forward-looking courses by world-class leaders on their website. With titles like Storytelling for Change, Difficult Conversations, Social Entrepreneurship 101 and Adaptive Leadership - this is where to study & up skill if you consider yourself an (aspiring) change maker. I’m enrolled in some so if you decide to join we can be study buddies.
Browse Courses | +Acumen
Give yoga a try at home with Adriene 🤸🎋
This past month I’ve been dedicated to my yoga practice. Yoga has become an integral part of my life, helping me to be present, more comfortable in my body, and all-around more balanced. It’s the #1 tool helping me finally get the upper hand on my mental health, and I can’t even begin to list its countless other benefits. Reason enough to advocate it to anyone I meet. Yes, I have become one of those people. But honestly, it’s hard not to advocate for something that has done so much for you. This is my invitation to you. Try it sometime. You can go to a studio in your area but if you prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home (I did this for 2 years before showing up for classes lol), I recommend pressing play on a Yoga With Adriene video on youtube. Let me know how you go!
Yoga With Adriene - YouTube
Chatting about life design & more 💬✨
Look mama, I’m on a podcast! My dear friend Ben invited me as a guest on his podcast ‘Discovery Lane’ while I was in Mumbai to discuss all things life design & personal development. Being the talented host he is, he somehow got me to open up and share a lot of vulnerabilities in this talk as we float from one topic to the next.
Touching upon experimental mindsets vs perfectionism, the personal meeting the professional, embracing your creativity & inquisitiveness, the practice of self-reflection and intentionality, self-love and internalizing positive self-talk, and much much more.
It’s essentially me talking for 1 hour so if you’re curious about my perspectives on life & work, or simply curious what my voice & accent sounds like, head over to the Discovery Lane podcast on SoundCloud with #linkinbio and I’d love to hear your thoughts on our chat! Thank you Ben for the invite and all the inspiring talks preceding and following this one and may our paths cross again soon.
Episode 8 - Designing a Life of Experimentation, with Nadia Piet by Discovery Lane | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Listening to: Funkommunity - Dandilion 🌼
Waving from my birthland, Funkommunity is a group founded by kiwi soul producer extraordinaire Isaac Aesili and singer Rachel Fraser. Their album Chequered Thoughts was released in 2012 but I discovered it only weeks ago. If it’s new to you too, enjoy!
Funkommunity - Dandilion (HD) - YouTube
I hope all this finds you well and it provides you with the same joy, fascination and excitement that washed over me finding these items. Hope to hear from you in a little reply and catch you at the next one!
With love from Rotterdam,Nadia
To connect, reply to this mail or find me | | @nadiapiet
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