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Nadia's Digest - Issue #15 (April)
By Nadia Piet • Issue #15 • View online
Salamet siang!
Welcome to another and one of my favorite issues to date! Here’s a little update on my life - please scroll past it if you’re here for the goodies (no offense taken haha) because they’re gooohoood. 
- - - - - -
I’ve made a move again - exchanging the colorful Mumbai madness for the sandy beaches & coral reefs of Bali.
These 3 months have passed with the blink of an eye yet make up for a lifetime of experiences. I have traveled Rajasthan, seen and touched the Taj Mahal, munched all the Masala my body could possibly process, and mastered the arts of directing rickshaws in Hindi, haggling street vendors and brewing cups of Chai. Not to mention working with the team at design-inspired co-working space Ministry of New (voted #2nd most beautiful in the world by Forbes yaass), learning so much about entrepreneurship, community, employee experience design, organizational development & leadership.
It’s been one hell of a ride and against all odds, Mumbai had come to feel like home - just when it’s time to leave again - welcome to the life of a nomad. 
All along, I never stop consuming beautiful web content so here we are with another curation of what I enjoyed reading, watching, messing with and listening to this past month.
- - - - - -
Part of my soul still lingering in Mumbai, part of it here with me in Bali, I’m writing this month’s digest in a state of bliss from a beautiful beachside restaurant in Pemuteran. 
May it find you - although maybe not on a tropical island - in a similar state of joy, prosperity, and contentment.
Featured in issue #15:
  • Getting unstuck & breaking through creative blocks with the Oblique strategies card set 🗂️💡
  • VICE sheds its light on the Future of Work in their Third Industrial Revolution documentary 🔮🏭
  • An introduction to visual notetaking AKA sketchnotes 🎨✍️
  • Watch 7 classes of Google’s leading EQ leadership training Search Inside Yourself course for free on Youtube 😌🏆
  • A curated list of boutique / concept co-working spaces around the globe 👩‍💻🌎
  • Listening to: Robert Glasper x KAYTRANADA 🎹

Never a bad idea.
Never a bad idea.
Getting unstuck with Oblique strategies 🗂️💡
Oblique Strategies is a set of 103 cards with equal parts profound and silly abstract prompts to break you out of a creative rut - applied to problem solving, art, life, work, or otherwise. It’s a total classic but somehow it slipped under my radar until now, and maybe yours too? Rumor has it that David Bowie’s set was completely worn out - and hey, if it works for him, it might work for us mortals too. 2018-proof, the lovely people over at Oblicard made a digital version so you don’t have to carry excess weight. Try these (or one of its many offshoots) to get unstuck next time you hit a creative block and let me know how it worked out!
VICE on the Third Industrial Revolution 🔮🏭
This is not a new subject and one that I’ve watched & read perhaps too much on but VICE shedding their light on a topic is always worth the watch. So it is with the matter of the Future of Work. In this doc, VICE narrates how they believe exponential technologies, with IoT (Internet of Things) at its core will change the world and workplace we know to be.
The Third Industrial Revolution
An introduction to visual notetaking 🎨✍️
If you follow me on the Gram or have seen me strolling around any sort of talk / conference / event, you know I make these visual notes, also called sketchnotes, and am a true believer of their application for learning, communicating and collaborations. I’m planning to do more with this in the (near) future (hit me if interested to do something together!) but since many people ask me how-what-why-how-again about this practice, I wanted to share this step-by-step introduction course with you so you could give it a go yourself. Please reply here or tag me if you do! You got this. 
An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking
Watch Google's EQ leadership course 😌🏆
Search Inside Yourself was born in 2007 at Google when one engineer by the name of Chade-Meng Tan decided to assemble leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to develop an internal course for his fellow Googlers. Fast forward to today, SIY is one of the most sought-after mindfulness & emotional intelligence leadership trainings. And to my delighted surprise - you can watch 7 key components of the class in 1-hour blocks on YouTube! If you’re interested in humans at work, check it out.
SIY 101 Intro to Emotional Intelligence - YouTube
Boutique coworking around the globe 👩‍💻🌎
While I was working for the co-working space Ministry of New, I did some research into the most beautiful and most boutique and concept-driven shared workspaces around the globe and curated them all into this Google Maps list. Check to see if any of them are close to you and let me know if I missed out on any!
Listening to: Robert Glasper x KAYTRANADA 🎹
Because music is still my first love, I decided to add a track to the closing of each newsletter and share with you what I’m listening to these days. I’m happy to kick it off with 2 of my personal heroes who put out a new colab last month: Kaytranada’s reworkings of Robert Glasper’s ArtScience album, including features from Talib Kweli, Alex Isley, and Iman Omari. Does it get any better than this?
Robert Glasper Experiment - No One Like You (KAYTRANADA Remix/Audio) ft. Alex Isley - YouTube
Thank you for your reading, trust & time. I hope you enjoyed reading this issue as I did putting it together, invite you to share your thoughts with me in a reply and see you at the next one!
With love from Bali,Nadia
To connect, reply to this mail or find me | | @nadiapiet
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Nadia Piet

A regular curation with favorite links + things from the web plus updates on what I've been keeping busy with and thinking about. Mostly design, tech, AI, data, culture, and creativity. Driven by curiosity, selected with love, published monthly.

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