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Nadia's Digest - Issue #12 (January)

Nadia's Digest - Issue #12 (January)
By Nadia Piet • Issue #12 • View online
Hey you! It’s my pleasure to see you back here for issue #12 and the first one of this year. I hope you’ve had a good start of 2018 and the weeks and months to come will be filled with joy, progress, adventures & love. 
On a little personal note, my January has been one hell of an adventure. I am currently writing this to you from the Social cafe (my new hangout) in Mumbai, where I will be living and working for the next 3 months. Over the past weeks, I’ve packed my bags and left Amsterdam, traveled Nepal, hiked the foot of the Himalayas and stayed in a Buddhist monastery alongside Mahayana monks. It’s all been an amazing rollercoaster of impressions! This newsletter is not about me and I usually don’t really mention what I’m up to, so if you’d like to see more of my day-to-day bustle, come join me on Instagram at @nadiapiet (or let me know if you’d like to read more of it here).
Back on the topic of worthy web content, I’d like to share with you: 
  • The Internet’s Steve Lacy on working with what you got 📱🥁
  • The importance and meaning of digital literacy 🖥️📊
  • Seneca’s timely and timeless thoughts on anxiety 💭✍️
  • Get a Lean startup 101 with Buffer’s case study ⏱️💵
  • Balancing self-improvement and self-love 📈💕

Still from WIRED's video on Steve Lacy's creative process.
Still from WIRED's video on Steve Lacy's creative process.
Steve Lacy on working with what you got 📱🥁
Steve Lacy is the youngest member of the band The Internet and takes his personal story of making beats (using nothing else but his iPhone!) to teach us about working with what we got and not allowing our craft to be limited by our tools. Inspirational hazard: watch this if you’ve been busy making excuses. + watch this little WIRED video to learn more.
The Bare Maximum | Steve Lacy | TEDxTeen - YouTube
The importance and meaning of digital literacy 🖥️📊
A crucial skill in today’s workplace, I believe it’s important to stress the distinction between digital literacy and hard tech skills which is exactly what this post does. “Employees who possess digital literacy don’t need to have an engineering background; they demonstrate it through a deep understanding of platforms, applications and collaborative tools used in their organization. And, most importantly, they know how to use these technologies to deliver on business objectives.”
Disrupt or be disrupted: The right talent for digital transformation | Pluralsight
Seneca's timeless thoughts on anxiety 💭✍️
Brainpickings examines some of Seneca’s, and other artists’ and writers’, notes on our tendencies to misuse the ability of imagination to the act of worrying. Living in a culture that is both fueled by and fuels an omnipresent sense of anxiety, these comments are equally timely and timeless.
A Stoic’s Key to Peace of Mind: Seneca on the Antidote to Anxiety – Brain Pickings
Lean startup 101 with Buffer's case study ⏱️💵
This post describes how Buffer applied the lean startup principles to do its early customer validation, and how you can apply the same steps to test your own ideas. By reading through this one successful case study, we can quickly grasp the logic behind the lean startup philosophy without having to read the whole book or getting blindsided by all the buzz.
Balancing self-improvement and self-love 📈💕
Pondering the balance between the two forces and how, on our quest for betterment, we can remind ourselves that we are good enough. As a young, ambitious soul, reaching for your potential, have you ever wondered how to keep a balance between the pursuit of self-improvement and the practice of self-love? This one is for you.
A timely note on the paradoxical relation of self-improvement and self-love - Nadia Piet
That’s it. I hope you enjoy these picks and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them as well. Take care and see you next time around!
With love from Bombay,
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