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Nadia's Digest #22 🎐 [January 2021]

Nadia's Digest #22 🎐 [January 2021]
By Nadia Piet • Issue #22 • View online
Hey you! Very belated happy new year. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How have you been? I hope you’ve been staying safe and sane through the rollercoaster that is our current reality.
Following my 2020 reflections - a year in which I took a big step back from being present online - I felt excited to show up here again, and compelled to resurrect this newsletter in some shape or form. First, cause what I love even more than digging for and indulging in digital gems is forwarding them to like-mindeds I think may appreciate just as much. And second, because I like the idea of having a little space to share with a small community of fellow creatives when the idea of broadcasting into the void of aggregated feeds gets a little overwhelming. So I’m back with my monthly post and hope you’re here for it!

5 Favorite things & links from the Web
"Just like the universe, the internet is infinite"
"Just like the universe, the internet is infinite"
Draw the internet: the web as seen by the world’s school children
💬 I love this! It makes me want to do a round of ‘draw the algorithm/the data’ and watch what happens when we attempt to capture the intangible in a simple drawing. Let me know if you’re in for a little experiment like this 👀
The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie
The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie
💬 Is your view of technology still founded on functionality, efficiency, and optimization? Please watch this brilliant and funny talk to open your mind to code as a creative and expressive medium.
Fabricating Alternatives - AI game
💬 A new type of tool made by my friends at Imagination of Things. If you’re hosting any sort of generative or exploratory session, I recommend taking it for a spin to invite some novel AI-remixed prompts for inspiration.
‘Solidarity, Not Charity’: A Visual History of Mutual Aid
💬 Being introduced to this concept only recently, this illustrated history of mutual aid helped me understand and align with the notion of “solidarity, not charity”. And the visuals by Ariel Aberg-Riger are stunning.
How Bad Is Your Spotify?
💬 A hilarious and spot-on parody on Spotify’s annual ‘Wrapped’ presented by one of my favourite websites The Pudding. Take a quick break from work to let this ‘AI’ disrespect you and your basic-ass music taste hihi.
Updates from yours truly
✨ In September last year, I commited to learning hands-on Python/Data Science/Machine Learning skills. I said “I’ll take 10 months and see how far I get”.
Now half-way, I wrote about my 1st data project last week and got published on Towards Data Science! Read the insights about diversity in the MoMa art collection, and the data processing & visualizations that got me there.
Data analysis and visualization of ethic diversity & gender distribution in the MoMa art…
Last year I wrote this ebook for @awwwards on (UX) design challenges in AI/ML systems - moving along trust & transparency, facilitating user autonomy & control in (semi-)automated interactions, and computing value alignment between man and machine (and ‘the man’ operating the machine). It’s pretty extensive and a free download so go cop and please let me know if you have any more questions or thoughts, I’d love to hear them!
Artificial Intelligence Driven Design
There’s so much more buzzing around my brain that I’d like to share with you but let’s leave some for next time yea? It’s good to be back.
Catch you soon, take good care of yourself x
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Personal reflections
The whole theme of this past year was HOME - staying home physically, and coming home mentally, spiritual, emotionally. I’ve been busy renovating and redecorating the walls of my inner world and as for 2021, I think I’m ready to come play outside again 🏡✨ [from IG]
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