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monthly art updates of nachhaldich 𓅰 - No. 7

nachhaldich aka. marina
nachhaldich aka. marina
it’s been a while - let’s jump right in and see what I’ve created in november 2021, shall we?
I made some fan arts, started a DTIYS challenge, and launched two new products:
  • my first physical art product! yes, I think it’s kinda crazy, too!
  • ANTI-NFT art 😠👊
I also have a tiktok now where I just post some speed drawing videos, which I cross post to instagram too! my handle on tiktok is @nachhaldich
and as always: at the end you will find my favorite painting of the month free for you to download and use <3

hi peeps!
I would like you to please check out what I’ve shared today and I would also highly appreciate some feedback. you don’t need to write a wall of text! on the bottom of every issue you’ll find a button to press if you liked this issue and you can also just comment with 💜 over on my twitter.
would totally love hearing from you in any way and I hope you have fun with this art share today <3
shop update - comforting postcards
if you ever feel alone, let me write you something nice and supportive <3
especially during the darker month some people feel more alone than usual. I’ve got some energy left which I thought would be nice to share with you!
I created a postcard where I‘ll write you something nice. the motive is my very first OC! I decided to choose a neutral motive, since I’m planning to offer this as an all-year service. and I also hope my OC makes you curious for more, following my art and being excited about what I may create <3
comfort postcards - OC nachhaldich - marina's Ko-fi Shop - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
example of a comfort postcard
example of a comfort postcard
ANTI-NFT art: NFTs Are F***ing Trash
I won’t talk much about why I‘m against NFTs. all that matters is, if you would like to support your artist, buy directly from them.
my anti-NFT art work is designed to fit into your home. you can frame it, since it can be printed onto A4, A3 or even A2.
fun fact: each piece will be unique, which means you will get an art piece no one else has. just like it’s counterpart. I think it’s kinda funny!
DTIYS challenge
made my very first draw this in you style challenge with a drawing of sailor moon to celebrate my almost 100 followers on instagram. people can participate on 3 different platforms: instagram itself, twitter and artfol
the art of nachhaldich on Twitter: "#dtiys sailor moon - we’ll always be friends 💕 ok ok the RULES: - use #nachhaldich100 - tag me - no deadline - first 2 subm. will get a drawing - any medium/color allowed, try to keep the general pose, - on Instagram, twt & Mastodon #sailormoonfanart #usagitsukinoxkouseiya…"
art I've shared this month
the art of nachhaldich on Twitter: "i finally did a qiqi fan art and I think she turned out cute :> it’s more like a sketch, but I‘m currently trying out different art styles so see it as a progress update of some sort ok? speed drawing at the link below 💕 #cocogoat #qiqi #GenshinImapct…"
november‘s favorite
cocogoat appreciation - Qiqi from Genshin Impact
cocogoat appreciation - Qiqi from Genshin Impact
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nachhaldich aka. marina
nachhaldich aka. marina @nachhaldich

update about what I've done in a month and where you can find my latest art - I feature a "drawing of the month" with every update

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