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nachhaldich aka. marina
nachhaldich aka. marina
hi peeps!
let’s jump right in and see what I’ve created in august 2021, shall we?
I would also like you to please check out what I’ve shared today and I would also highly appreciate some feedback. you don’t need to write a wall of text! on the bottom of every issue you’ll find a button to press if you liked this issue and you can also just comment with 💜 over on my twitter.
would totally love hearing from you in any way and I hope you have fun with this art share today <3
there’s literally some new art to see! OMG! are you as excited as I am? cool!
and as always: at the end you will find my favorite painting of the month free for you to download and use <3

new free wallpapers on my ko-fi page!
I’ve been busy again, overcoming my months long art block and created some free stuff for you again! check out my wallpapers today and download them for ✨free✨
marina (they/she) 𓅰
anyone in need of ✨free✨ wallpapers?

head over to my ko-fi page! put a zero in the form and get yourself a batch of free wallpapers NOW 🌸

I also made this cool animation 💜
art I've shared this month
this might be the most exciting one because I created a ton of new art this month. you can check out a handpicked selections on my instagram page, and if you want to see all current 23(!) pieces I made, head over to my ko-fi and become a member to get unlimited access to my art!
august’s favorite
I hope you all still are safe and healthy! It’s been very tough 1.5 years for all of us. keep being responsible and also try to have some fun and care about your mental and physical health! love you <3
In The Name Of The Moon: Wear A Mask
In The Name Of The Moon: Wear A Mask
I hope you still enjoyed this issue of my newsletter <3 I’m looking forward to more creative months ahead! If you have any kind of feedback, wishes, whatever - just let me know!
– stay safe 💜
nachhaldich aka. marina
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nachhaldich aka. marina
nachhaldich aka. marina @nachhaldich

update about what I've done in a month and where you can find my latest art - I feature a "drawing of the month" with every update

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