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monthly art updates of nachhaldich 𓅰 - No. 3

nachhaldich aka. marina
nachhaldich aka. marina
hi peeps!
this month was pretty busy! I took some time off for the first time since COVID started, and I’m also currently participating in a coding bootcamp. not much time left to create art… but let’s see what I did manage to create in April 2021, shall we?

I participated in a #DTIYS challenge!
One of my favorite artists, @tubigatpapel, created a DTIYS challenge. I really needed this one since I’ve been suffering from art block all this month. I hope I’ll recover soon, but until then let us take a look at what I’ve created:
unrelated non-art things I did this month
since I wasn’t able to create art properly this month, I took the time and made space for other hobbies of mine: photography and programming.
I updated my website, now you can find resources there to all the things that I’m up to.
april's favorite
april’s favorite is an old picture I drew in 2010/2011, it’s one of my first digital drawings I ever did. created 100% in MS Paint (the old one, without 3D stuff).
Mickie Mouse
Mickie Mouse
I hope you still enjoyed this issue of my newsletter <3 I’m looking forward to a more creative month, where I’m able to share some great artwork again! If you have any kind of feedback, wishes, whatever - just let me know!
– stay safe 💛
nachhaldich aka. marina
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nachhaldich aka. marina
nachhaldich aka. marina @nachhaldich

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