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Wednesday* TEA Time

Yo, Yesterday ended up getting away from me and I forgot to send the newsletter. I am still traveling
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Tuesday TEA Time
Yesterday ended up getting away from me and I forgot to send the newsletter. I am still traveling and this week I’m in NYC. I’m working in Soho and yesterday I felt very behind and was trying to focus when I heard a very loud chorus of sirens. It was the emergency response to the pickup truck that drove into people. I checked slack to see if my co-workers were OK and I answered some texts from people checking on me and I just wasn’t thinking about sending the newsletter. 
After I finally got what I needed done for work I went outside and didn’t realize there would be a huge amount of people out for Halloween. People were out everywhere. I’ll include a photo below. This morning I read an article that I think sums up what it’s like here: What did New Yorkers do after the attack? They went about their lives.
Also, if you are in NYC and you need support or to speak to someone about what happened, there is a number you can call or chat online.

A terrible photo of people out and about last night...
This week I had queued up some super/deep technical links. The most interesting thing that I read is about Cockroach DB. Maybe you’ve heard of Google Cloud Spanner. Cockroach was created by some people who were involved in the research that led to Spanner so I kinda think of Cockroach as the open sourced Spanner. It’s not, they are technically separate products, but they have very similar goals and share research.
Anyway, I’m going to devour any article having to do with time in a system and/or with an image like the one below:
Love it.
The article is titled Executing Parallel Statements to Improve Performance. It’s worth reading if you are interested in how to coordinate stuff in a distributed system. This, to me, is the crux of most of the things I work on now-a-days: how do events transpire over time and how do we make sense of it all?
There are also two videos I want to watch and I’m including them here not just for you, but to remind me to watch them:
Samuel Goodwin - Core Data Performance on Vimeo
Distributed Sagas: A Protocol for Coordinating Microservices - Caitie McCaffrey - JOTB17 - YouTube
And finally an uplifting article titled The Coming Software Apocalypse. Any article that mentions Bret Victor is a must read. 
There is a wonderful Uncrate video titled Creating Saturday Night Live. I love seeing how things are made. When I was young I would watch Movie Magic on The Discovery Channel anytime it came on.
I also recommend watching David Lynch tell a story about meeting George Lucas:
David Lynch Meets George Lucas - YouTube
The first thing I want to send you to is the lovely tumblr People matching Artworks. (Found via Kottke.) I think this is awesome. And second is this amazing video of a performance piece titled The Mechanics of History:
Yoann Bourgeois "La mécanique de l'histoire" (Energie) - Le Panthéon Paris 07/10/2017 - YouTube

I hope you have a good week.
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