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Tuesday TEA Time - Wool furniture, typographic posters, and a giant liquid metal sculpture…

Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time - Wool furniture, typographic posters, and a giant liquid metal sculpture…
By Nathan • Issue #45 • View online

Last week I was able to really focus and get a lot done for work. That felt really good. Sadly, I am not finished with my current project, so I need to try to do the same thing again this week. We’ll see how it goes. 🧐
The first thing I want to show you is a company that makes furniture and other products from wool. 🐑
This is a beautiful idea. I would love to have the chair ⬇️
The next thing is a video about a recent internet outage caused by Comcast. 
Comcast suffered a network outage on its backbone that left millions of Internet users in the United States—even beyond their own subscriber base—unable to reach critical sites and services. The outage wasn’t contained to a particular region, as Internet users from Seattle to New York were affected. The significance of this outage was not only in its massive scope but also in its length, which stretched for nearly three hours—effectively an eternity in Internet timescale. Any ISP peering with Comcast and sending traffic through its network would have effectively broadened the scope of the outage.
Comcast Fiber Outage Rips the Internet - YouTube
Comcast Fiber Outage Rips the Internet - YouTube
Everyone remembers when there was a time that “selling out” was a bad thing. Now, it seems like what used to be considered selling out is considered to just be good business acumen. Kottke wrote a good article about it:
It’s super interesting to me to see how our perception of success and art have changed over the years. I think I may still lean closer to the “you’re selling out” mindset from before, so maybe whatever changed didn’t affect me as much. My presumption is that social media has made visibility and notoriety more valuable and desirable, so much so that achieving it through any means is fine. 
Xtian Miller’s work is fabulous. I love typography and someday I will move to a remote cabin somewhere and make fonts all day long…
Here are some of my favorites:
Their Insta is so good! I def recommend a follow.

And lastly: this sculpture that looks like splashing metallic liquid in a hotel in Madrid is mind exploding 🤯
There is a video tour of it.
#SomosDesign en VP Plaza España Design***** - YouTube
#SomosDesign en VP Plaza España Design***** - YouTube
And that’s all for this week. I hope you found something interesting.
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By Nathan

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