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Tuesday TEA Time - Stale mosquitos, the earth, and some tile…

Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time - Stale mosquitos, the earth, and some tile…
By Nathan • Issue #55 • View online

How are things going this week? I had a great time in San Francisco the last two weeks. I’ll be traveling again soon and I’m expecting to be exhausted.
I really hope you find something interesting below.
From the department of “probably the plot of a SciFi movie” is this article about modifying the genes of female mosquitos to turn them sterile.
Gene drive used to turn all female mosquitos sterile
The motive is great: to eradicate malaria. However, it is always a bit disconcerting when we try to modify a population of animals.

Another super interesting story is the tale “behind the most famous photograph ever taken.”
Behind the Most Famous Photograph Ever Taken
Earthrise, 1968
Earthrise, 1968
Two such photographs spanned the Apollo era: Earthrise, taken during the first manned mission to the moon, and the Blue Marble, taken during the last. They have become two of the most reproduced images of all time.
Also, a documentary will come out soon is titled “First Man.”
For a while, I’ve been subscribed to a newsletter named Offscreen Dispatch. A while back, they sent out an issue that listed many indie magazines.
46 / The indie magazine bonanza (and give-away)
Recently, they’ve renamed the newsletter to Dense Discovery. Checkout the latest issue below.
There is a Flickr group dedicated to storefront tile work and it’s awesome.
And, finally, it’s fall in Berlin, it’s colder, and I miss spring/summer. Seeing this by Maria Nguyen on twitter really made me a bit warmer.
Have a good week 🙂
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