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Tuesday TEA Time - Notre Dame, “airplane mode,” and stop motion wonderfulness...

Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time - Notre Dame, “airplane mode,” and stop motion wonderfulness...
By Nathan • Issue #81 • View online

How are you doing? The Wife and I took a long weekend and visited Copenhagen and it was great! It’s a beautiful city and we managed to relax and enjoy it. We had a Sunday Roast on Easter Sunday with lamb, halibut, cauliflower, etc and it was fantastic. It was our first “Sunday Roast” at a restaurant.
I’m sure you heard about the fire at Notre Dame. I am sad about it. It’s a beautiful building and it has a lot of history. There are so many things to read about it and I recommend starting here:
Entertainment (or not)
I am on an airplane right now and I did pay for the WiFi and I kinda regret it. I have a book that I should finish reading or take a nap or something, but I’m checking email and responding to slack messages instead. It’s only my own fault.
The weird, unpredictable stop motion worlds of Catherine Prowse. The London-based illustrator, model-maker and animator delights in the mechanics of her painstaking process.
That’s all for this week. I hope you found something interesting. If you know someone you think would enjoy receiving some interesting links every week, then forward this email to them 😎🤓
Thanks and have a great week.
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