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Tuesday TEA Time - Mysterious as the dark-side of the moon…

Yo, If you are in the USA, then I hope you had a good holiday. Things were pretty slow for me last we
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Tuesday TEA Time
If you are in the USA, then I hope you had a good holiday. Things were pretty slow for me last week: a lot of people were off from work and a lot of businesses were closed here. It was nice to slow down.

China is about to make humankind's first visit to the farside of the moon
Humans are going back to the moon. The USA plans to land there again sometime before 2030.

This time, China has its sights set on lunar regions never before explored. Chang’e-4 is aiming for the moon’s largest, deepest and possibly oldest known feature created by an impact, the South Pole–Aitken basin, on the lunar farside, which always faces away from Earth.
The Moon Is Flipped Upside Down in the Southern Hemisphere
Gamasutra - Fortnite hits 8.3M concurrent players
That is a lot of people all playing the same game at exactly the same time!
What Artists Would Do if They Could Fly to the Moon - The New York Times
I love how different each person’s ideas are. My favorite quotes from the article are:

A change in perspective is the source for any kind of art. Without shifting perspectives, we will never have a complete view of anything — the political, personal, or social. – Ai Weiwei

So my idea would be to take the other seven artists and convince them not to blast off to the moon at all, but to create a space habitat right here on Earth. There are so many places that currently aren’t livable: conflict zones, areas that suffer from great poverty and environmental devastation. – Hito Steyerl

Justin Duke
i don't spend a lot of time on tumblr these days but every now and then I stumble upon an illustrator who makes me regret that:
4:02 PM - 19 Nov 2018
And then finally, the above tweet. I feel the same way: I don’t really go to tumblr anymore, but sometime there is work there that is astounding.

Well, I hope you found something interesting and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
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