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Tuesday TEA Time - Go live in Vermont, Trout Mask Replica, and some flowing illustrations…

June 19 · Issue #41 · View online
Tuesday TEA Time
I am super jet-lagged. I feel lucky that I’m awake right now. I hope you are having a good start to your week.
First, I wanted you to know that Vermont is trying to attract remote tech workers to come live there. I have thought for a while that as remote work becomes more and more popular, then places with nice weather or pleasant communities will grow as people choose to live away from expensive cities. We’ll see.
Vermont will pay you $10,000 to move there and work from home
Second, there is a huge increase in the usage of machine learning at all tech companies. If your company isn’t investing in ML, then you are already behind. Hiring for ML-related jobs is not easy: there aren’t that many with a ton of experience and the ones that have it are already employed.
80% of all machine learning engineers work at Google or Facebook
I think this is a big reason Apple is launching CreateML: if they their developers to use ML in their apps then they are going to have to help them out since they are very likely novices.

And lastly for Tech related stories: a lot of people feel their work is pointless. 
The Bullshit-Job Boom | The New Yorker
Frank Zappa
Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" released #OnThisDay in 1969. Produced by #Beefheart's friend and former schoolmate #FrankZappa, the album combines elements of R&B, garage rock, blues, avant-garde, and free jazz, and is regarded as an important work of experimental music.
6:35 PM - 16 Jun 2018
If you have never listened to Trout Mask Replica, then you really should consider it. 
Also, this strange machine to serve cake is incredible.
Joseph's Machines
How I go straight from dinner to cake. (This is the original video posted by it's original creator!)
5:45 PM - 14 May 2018
The Cake Server | Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever - YouTube
Kottke posted a link to Lee.k on Insta and her work is captivating. I could spend way too much time scrolling through her illustrations.

I hope you found something interesting and I hope you have a good rest of your week.
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