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Tuesday TEA Time - Get stuff done, a private email server, some aliens, and some fairytale princesses…

Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time - Get stuff done, a private email server, some aliens, and some fairytale princesses…
By Nathan • Issue #71 • View online

I hope you are well. Is it super cold where you are? It’s raining a lot more than normal where I am and it is making me a little sniffly.
Outside the normal three sections, I’d like to first link you to this article about getting stuff done:
There are times I really want to do something and I somehow get to a place where it just won’t happen. I’m not sure what to do. Well, according to this article, some things to try are:

  • Gamify your process
  • Reserve calendar time for every project
  • Get other people involved
  • Talk about it
  • Practice the art of “precrastination”
I’m sure I’ve tried all these before, but I wonder if it’s that I just apply the wrong incentive to the wrong project or something like that.
What do you think? What do you do to motivate yourself?
I love that it’s a little box you setup in your physical place. I remember when Joyent used to sell a little box for email, contacts, and calendar and I always thought it was a pretty good idea. It comes with a little physical key which is also the literal key for the encryption of the data. If you really want your data to be private then keeping it on a box you can see and touch could be a way to do it.
These sketches and descriptions for the creatures in the Cantina scene in Star Wars are really interesting! I’d love to read more about background characters in other movies as well. Via a tweet.
Why This Illustrator Makes Her Own Tools
First, I found it super interesting that this illustrator makes her own brushes from older brush hairs and the resulting unique brush stroke is part of her style.
Second, checkout these paintings by Aisha –
Checkout her Instagram page for more wonderful work.

That’s all for this week. I hope you found something interesting.
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By Nathan

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