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Tuesday TEA Time - Coworking spaces are taking over, Evelyn De Morgan, and anime floppies…

Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time - Coworking spaces are taking over, Evelyn De Morgan, and anime floppies…
By Nathan • Issue #48 • View online

This week I’m back with more interesting things including some anime floppies. I took last week off from work and other obligations; thanks for understanding.
I did get some new sneakers. They are a collaboration between Leo Colacicco’s LC23 and Diadora. The sneakers are gorgeous and comfortable, but I don’t have a good photo of the yet to share.
LC23 is a great insta follow.
I’ve been working on a website for a side project and I’ve been re-learning all the web design, SEO, etc stuff I used to do back in the day. So many things have changed since I was a full-time web designer, yet it’s still pretty straight forward to make a good, fast website.
Many many websites are so bloated these days, consisting of many megabytes of images and scripts, and just being super slow. Google is trying to help by inventing AMP as an alternative to HTML and it kinda drives me crazy. HTML, and other standard web tech, is not slow. Including unnecessary trackers, images, etc is slow.
I agree with this article by Jeremy Keith (an old school web person I still follow) that AMP doesn’t make sense as an alternative to HTML and isn’t aligned with professional web designer’s needs. Instead, it should strive to supplant itself by working to make standard tech so much better that it’s necessary.
Either way, you probably don’t care that much. The point for me is that it’s still straight forward to build a good website and people are choosing not to do it. It bothers me. I care about the web design industry and I want to see it do well. And it seems like Google and other companies are not trying to help, just trying to introduce their own proprietary solutions to increase their strangle hold on the web. Sigh.
Sorry, Power-Lunchers. This Restaurant Is a Co-Working Space Now.
OK, something else. I’ve noticed this around Berlin as well: so many places are becoming coworking spaces. Like a lot of places that used to be workshops or places that produced something are now just desks. And not just “we have wifi,” but actual spaces with monthly memberships for access.
I and my colleague pay for one here in Berlin named Ahoy! so we have a place to go to work together that has good internet access. So I guess I’m part of the problem really.
This is so cute! A guidebook for Super Mario 64 built real world models to illustrate the maps and levels! I would love to have one of these models. Via Nintendo Life.
Evelyn De Morgan is an artist I found via Twitter and have really fallen in love with. She was influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite movement which is always one of my favorite time periods to study. She was a pacifist and so protested the war at the time through her art, including the first image below named The Red Cross.
The Red Cross
The Red Cross
By the Waters of Babylon
By the Waters of Babylon
 Evening Star over the Sea
Evening Star over the Sea
And finally, there is a Tumblr of anime floppy disks. Yep.
Below are some of my favorites.
OK, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading and I hope you found something interesting.
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