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Tuesday TEA Time - Autonmous solar sailboats, Burberry 🔥🧥, and polka daubs…

Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time - Autonmous solar sailboats, Burberry 🔥🧥, and polka daubs…
By Nathan • Issue #53 • View online

I hope you are having a good start to your week. I’m traveling this week, but I managed to get my links input and ready to go. 🎉
The Robots Roaming the High Seas - YouTube
The Robots Roaming the High Seas - YouTube
First, I love this idea of autonomous solar sailboats roaming around the ocean. It’s a great idea.
Also, there is a new concept phone named Clarity.
It’s hard to know if it will ever really exist or be successful, but I am always excited to see what others can imagine to solve our every-day communication problems. We have so few options that we all kinda assume the way things work now must be the best way, but I’m sure there are improvements we can make. Check it out below.
Embrace Clarity
Burberry to Stop Burning Clothing and Other Goods It Can’t Sell
Yep, Burberry used to burn clothes it couldn’t sell instead of donate them or something similar. Basically, they didn’t want their clothes to be cheap or to be seen on people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford them. Shady.

Branding for Diker.⠀⠀
And last, I want to introduce you to the work of Ann Marie Coolick. Her paint splotch compositions are colorful, cheerful, and make be happy.
Polka Daub Barnacles 6
Polka Daub Barnacles 6
Nantucket Blues 3
Nantucket Blues 3
Rainbow Confetti
Rainbow Confetti
Her paintings are available for purchase on her website:

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you found something interesting.
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