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Tuesday TEA Time - 🧠, 🤖, ✨, and 👩‍🚀…

January 8 · Issue #67 · View online
Tuesday TEA Time
How is your year going so far? Mine is alright. I’m back in SF for work for a while and it’s kinda cold here. I don’t remember it being this cold when we used to live here, but I also don’t remember a lot of things in general.
BrainNet is The World's First Non-Invasive Brain-to-Brain Interface
They are playing Tetris. One person watches the screen and “decides” to flip the block or not and the other person (who cannot see the game) receives their mental decision and performs the flip!
Walmart will soon use hundreds of A.I. robot janitors to scrub the floors of some US stores 
Oh man, robot janitors. Also, they named their company “Brain Corporation”? Seriously?
What Is Glitter?
Do you know what glitter is? I didn’t, until I read this. I love the surprising secrecy around how they make the glitter.
I love this work by Caleb Sanders on Instagram. Below are some of my favorites.
Some of the work reminds me of the latest Blade Runner movie. Maybe I’ll watch that again this week sometime.
Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you found something interesting. If you see something you think I should include: hit reply and let me know.
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