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Tuesday TEA Time

Yo, I'm traveling and I'm waking up at 2am every day. This time I've just embraced it and decided to
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Tuesday TEA Time
I’m traveling and I’m waking up at 2am every day. This time I’ve just embraced it and decided to not make a big effort to adjust to the different timezones. Luckily there is a Nespresso machine in the hotel room so I can make coffee, which is really the most important thing.

James Wang
TSMC — the world's largest chip factory — is all about crypto all of a sudden.
Bitmain is buying ~20k 16nm wafers a month. That's more than Nvidia.
8:05 PM - 19 Jan 2018
A bitcoin mining hardware marker is now purchasing more chips than the largest graphics card maker. The amount of resources taken by and supply chain disruption from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is always surprising to me.

Nick Bilton write a good article about the downward spiral of Facebook. Not long ago Joel Spolsky wrote a similar article. And I guess I agree with Rupert Murdoch. It seems that social networks are super addictive and possibly super unhealthy for most people. In some ways they are like cigarettes and it’s interesting to think about what things would be like if cigarettes were as unregulated and accessible as social networks are today. 
I only use two social network apps: Instagram and Twitter. I do browse Twitter more often than I wish I did, but I definitely go days without looking at it. Instagram is great! In some ways it’s the only social network I care about. 
However, Twitter has been super important for my career. When I first joined Twitter (I am user number 44,343) it was mostly web designers and mostly filled with information or links related to web design on my timeline. I got my job at Wunderlist by jokingly replying to a tweet of a friend about a job posting they had. And yet, I feel like now it’s a super waste of time when I am scrolling through it. I will probably do a mass-unfollow of everyone soon.
eatwords drinkstars
motherhood be like:
2:15 AM - 30 Jan 2018
Beyonce with a juice box.
Nintendo is going to release the most amazing game accessories I’ve ever seen! I am so excited about this! It’s named Labo and I really cannot believe it exists. It’s just so great.
Nintendo of Europe
Get ready to make, play and discover on #NintendoSwitch! #NintendoLabo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences designed to inspire creative minds and playful hearts alike!
11:00 PM - 17 Jan 2018
First Look at Nintendo Labo - YouTube
I could spend hours browsing this collection of Watches of the USSR. I went a little overboard, but here are some of my favorite watches from the site. (Found via twitter.)
Poljus - Polar exploration watch, antimagnetic
I've never seen anything like this Copernicus model
Rodina Automatic
Elektronika B6-03 (which is the best name)
Slava "Big Zero"
Slava / Слава
That’s it. I hope you have a good week. Take care.
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