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Tuesday TEA Time

Yo, I hope you are having a good week so far. My calendar for this week is full, which is super weird
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Tuesday TEA Time
I hope you are having a good week so far. My calendar for this week is full, which is super weird. I normally work really hard to not have appointments or meetings, but this week seems to be a pre-holiday frenzy to get stuff done. 
The Christmas Markets are out in Berlin, it’s cloudy, it’s cold, and it’s wonderful. I really enjoy the winter time: it’s a great time to focus. I hope I will be disciplined and do just that.

The robot-proof job men aren't taking - YouTube
First, the above video was really fascinating to me. I know, where I’m from, most of the middle-class families I knew growing up had an RN in the family.
By 1942 the FBI was adding 400,000 file cards a month to its archives, and were receiving 110,000 requests for “name checks” per month. By 1944 the agency contained some 23 million card records, as well as 10 million fingerprint records.
I found this old fingerprint storage photo fascinating. I guess now this is all on hard drives somewhere.
Ourrzazate Solar Power Station, Morocco
Noor 3 is one of four sections of the Ouarzazate Solar Power Station in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of Morocco. The solar concentrator contains thousands of mirrors that focus the sun’s thermal energy to heat molten salt flowing through a massive central tower. The molten salt then circulates from the tower to a storage tank, where it is used to produce steam and generate electricity. This segment of the facility is scheduled to open next year and will be the largest facility of its kind in the world once all segments are functional.
Stagg EKG Kettle
I am super intersted in this new kettle. You can dial the temperature to whatever you want (I really need this for some types of tea) and the design is great.
This Book is a Planetarium on Vimeo
A pop-up book of functional paper contraptions.
I love this book. ❤️ Via this tweet.

Also, and sadly, the online video essay series Every Frame of Painting is over. I’ve watched them all and I really recommend them. I’ll embed some of my favorites below:
Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy - YouTube
David Fincher - And the Other Way is Wrong - YouTube
Snowpiercer - Left or Right - YouTube
A Peek Inside Christie's Underground Art Vault - YouTube
First, I loved this Bloomberg video about the latest Christie’s auction and how they talk about the art that is going for auction. The stunning piece they focus on first is by Jean-Michel Basquiat who, unfortunately, died at a very early age.
Mountain (brown), Sculpture, 2012
And lastly, I am infatuated with these mountain sculptures under glass by Justine Blau. It takes something we think of as super large and make it appear delicate and fragile. Via this tweet.

That’s it. I hope you have a good rest of your week.
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