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Tuesday TEA Time

Yo, Last week I was in London to speak at CodeMESH. My talk went well and I got some good feedback. I
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Tuesday TEA Time
Last week I was in London to speak at CodeMESH. My talk went well and I got some good feedback. I had wanted to try out speaking at conferences this year so I applied to ten and was hoping one would say yes. Two responded favorably so I was 200% surprised. I hope to continue speaking at some conferences next year.
It was my first time in London and I really enjoyed it. The Wife flew over and we were able to spend some time around the city, eat some fried chicken, and meet up with a good friend we hadn’t seen in a while.
This week I’m in Seattle for work and so far it’s been pretty tough timezone-wise. I’m hoping I can sleep more normal soon.

In news that doesn’t matter, but is exciting to me: a few weeks ago Apple had a demo iMac Pro on display at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit and it is a very pretty computer. I have a 5k iMac at home and it is a great computer. It’s super fast and the screen is the right amount of huge. However, the dark grey of the iMac Pro looks super slick.
In other not important news: I ordered the phone. It will be waiting for me in Berlin when I am finally finished with this super-long trip. I am surprisingly excited to get it. My phone hasn’t really been working right for a while and I really like the rounded corners. I’m excited that we are getting more mainstream devices with screens that are not rectangles so it nudges designers to think more about how their software needs to be more adaptive than ever.
Also, to follow-up from last week: it was super rainy and windy yesterday, so I haven’t been able to take a photo of the tree houses yet. It seems the max wind speeds were around 45mph. The office lost power a few times, once for more than a minute, and there were small limbs felled everywhere when I was walking out last night.
I think I might be addicted to podcasts.
Heat Rocks is my new favorite thing ever. Morgan and Oliver discuss a “heat rock” with a guest, which is a confusing name for me. Apparently this means an influential album in one’s life. I had never heard this term before. This latest episode where they discuss Common with Ill Camille was awesome. It’s also great because you get snippets of songs throughout.
Something I haven’t taken the time to listen to yet, but is on my list, is this podcast about Clueless. I really love Clueless and this type of discussion is right up my ally.
Photographer and artist Laurent Chéhère created these Flying Houses and they are just lovely. Such a strange image to see the underside of a building as it floats. Found via this tweet.

That’s all I got this time. I hope you have a good week.
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