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Tuesday TEA Time

Yo, I missed last week because I was sick with a cold and slept through the entire day. I’m not 100%
Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time
By Nathan • Issue #7 • View online
I missed last week because I was sick with a cold and slept through the entire day. I’m not 100% better from it, but I’m at least awake 🙃

The first story I want to link to is about The Broccoli Tree. There is an instagram account for it. The reason I want to link to it is summarized by Kottke:
In a short time, the tree gained a healthy following on Instagram, becoming both a tourist attraction and an online celebrity of sorts. (I posted about tree two years ago.) Yesterday, Svedberg posted a sad update: someone had vandalized the tree by sawing through one of the limbs.
… and …
Oscar Wilde once wrote that “Each man kills the thing he loves”.

The second story I want to link to is about the gaming of social media to make money. It’s title The Truth About Fake News
I wonder if you can trace a line from a boy buying new trainers in Kosovo from the profits of his fake-news business to a white supremacist punching a protestor on the other side of the world, the same way you could trace a line from someone picking a poppy in Afghanistan to a kid dying in a nightclub bathroom in Los Angeles.
I remember when I first learned about farmers selling sheep and goats on Instagram (take a photo, list the price, get responses) and I realized how the simple decisions we make when creating new apps and sites can enable new economic realities. Simply being able to share photos more easily was enough to increase the economic reach of some farmers. It also allows nefarious people to attempt harm by posting illegal or hateful imagery more easily as well.
I was also reminded of a great article in the NY Times about a community called Twin Falls that really started to fall apart when social media started to spread rumors through the town about a particular crime. Since the crime involved children, the police were not allowed to share any information and this exacerbated the rumors. The community ended up focusing more on the rumors instead of focusing on the well-being of the children involved in a crime. Which makes me think about how the technology we create can be used to tear people apart instead of bringing them together. I don’t have any answers, but I’ve tried to be more thoughtful with my choices recently when building new things for people to use.

I loved these portraits of birds. They look so prestigious.

And the final story I will link to is titled Fall In which advocates for modifying ones schedule in response to changing surroundings. 
…we live in a world of seasons—and increasingly more variable and violent seasons at that—but productivity advice seems to always think in terms of the day, the week, the year, or five years, never the season, the sun, and the shadow.
For a while I have reasoned that the long winter in Berlin is good for me: giving me more time to focus on what I care about, work more, and generally stay inside and read. While the summer is a better time to relax, enjoy the evening sun, work less, and enjoy people’s company outside. It’s a nice rhythm. 

That’s it. I hope you have a good rest of your week.
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By Nathan

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