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Tuesday TEA Time

Puerto Rico is devastated from a hurricane (I’m sure you know that). The USA government doesn’t seem
Tuesday TEA Time
Tuesday TEA Time
By Nathan • Issue #6 • View online
Puerto Rico is devastated from a hurricane (I’m sure you know that). The USA government doesn’t seem to be doing a lot about it at the moment (I’m sure you know that as well). Here’s a list of where to donate to help Puerto Rico with disaster relief.
Consider being generous and donating some money. Regular generosity is a great way to increase your own contentment with yourself and what you have (in case you need a selfish reason to help). Having less attachment to money can be really freeing, even in small doses.

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From time to time I’ll try to recommend other newsletters you might want to take a look at.

It’s pretty diverse topically, but definitely leans toward technology and startups. It’s a lot of links usually, so if you don’t want to have to sift through to find the gems you might want to skip this one. The first link below (about python) I found through this newsletter last week.
The explosion of data has made some tech more valuable to learn than others. I have some friends who are transitioning into data science and my only advice was like “learn python or learn R.” Read about why python is growing so quickly over on the Stack Overflow Blog.

Also, I wondered what Keybase was going to do to productize around encryption. Team collaboration makes perfect sense. Their new offering is pretty compelling. I’m considering trying it out with a small project to see what it’s like and if anyone loses their encryption keys.
The biggest entertainment news was, of course, dictated by the president of the united states. He was on brand in Alabama and the entertainment world reacted to it. It’s worth looking back at the history of political protests during the national anthem in sports.
Stevie Wonder also demonstrated, with the help of his son. The worst take I’ve seen is “ungrateful black[s],” which has historical precedent and context
I strongly believe the arts should be able to be created by and enjoyed by all, no matter their upbringing, resources, etc. I recommend you first read this article about how difficult it is to work in the art world if you are not rich. Then visit the Easel Initiative website to be more hopeful.
Thanks to its structural dependence on a small group of high-net-worth collectors and donors, hiring in some quarters of art world tends to favor those with the right connections and similar frames of reference.
We intend to counter the trend that a career in the arts is exclusively for the privileged by providing a free resource to guide and advise all students who wish to pursue a career in the arts, but lack the contacts, knowledge or funds.

That’s it. I hope you have a good rest of your week.
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