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~Thursday~ TEA Time - A bit late, but here…

Tuesday TEA Time
~Thursday~ TEA Time - A bit late, but here…
By Nathan • Issue #52 • View online

I was traveling on Tuesday and I wasn’t able to get things together by then. I’ll be traveling next week as well and I hope to get my next couple newsletters together a bit early instead of late like this one 🙂
This week I just wanted to keep it short and show you two awesome things: a video and the inspiration for some video game levels. Both things are related to tech, entertainment, and art so I’ll just list them out instead of building the sections like normal.

The Logo Design Revolution - YouTube
The Logo Design Revolution - YouTube
I love logo design. If I had to choose one task to do for a job for the rest of my life, I would choose to design logos. Building something that is recognizable, that can be seen in so many different ways and locations, and is flexible enough to keep doing it’s job on mediums that might not even exist yet… yeah, that has always been the most exciting job to me.
Typography is the second most exciting thing and it is very similar: creating the symbols to be read by many people in many places on many mediums.

I find Monument Valley to be a supremely relaxing game to play. And I love the stories behind the level designs!
I hope you found something interesting. Have a good rest of the week.
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By Nathan

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