NoCode Weekly #010 - Voice Apps With Flow 📣



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Number 10!
In a way, it’s strange to say out loud that I’ve been writing this newsletter for 10 weeks straight. It’s even more weird to say that this newsletter inspired another passion project - a podcast on NoCode Stories.
And we finally have a logo! Check it out at Can’t wait to share an update when the first episode is live (this weekend!). It’s been amazing to learn from the champs in this space. Reply with your top guest pick for the pod! Cheers!

Spoken from the heart!! ❤️
Kim nguyen
I've always wanted to learn to code.

When asking developers how to start they'd always say: "You gotta spend at least 5hrs a day after work learning."

I couldn't imagine.

Here I am, sitting 8hrs a day developing solutions with #nocode.

It's so addictive. I just can't stop!😲
An amazing 40-day recap from a fellow NoCodeWeekly reader!
NoCode == 👼 && 😈
NoCode Nerd
I have been aware of #NoCode tools for 40 days. Now that the initial excitement has wained, I've come to the conclusion that #nocode is a blessing and a curse. Here's why: a short thread 🧵
Celebrating women crushing it!! 🔥🚀
Max Haining 💯
Historic. The first women to finish #100DaysOfNoCode 🎉

You crushed it, and your journey has been equally inspiring.

Great things await for @womentodone too 🚀
Zapier buys no-code-focused Makerpad in its first acquisition – TechCrunch
The Most Revolutionary No-Code and Low-Code Tools
A beginner's guide to NFTs — Mirror
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Ayush @ayushsharma

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