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NoCode Storybook #32: Does your money still jiggle jiggle? NoCode can help! 🫰

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Thought of the Week
So many more NoCode creators are starting to turn their knowledge into some serious side hustles.
First, let’s start by talking about Neil Ryan Pierce who sold his NoCode business Atomic Fusion on Microacquire a mere 6 months after he started it. Congrats, Neil!
Atomic Fusion offers a library of UI components and designs for Bubble users. Call it a testament to the growth Bubble is experiencing or just the growth of NoCode in general, but it’s apparent that there’s a layer of micro service products that will get built on major NoCode platforms in the coming years. This is the beginning of a wave, not a blip on the radar!
Neil Pierce 🇺🇦
Atomic Fusion has been ACQUIRED!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

#NoCode I'm excited to announce that @atomicfusionio has successfully been acquired through @microacquire. This has been a great journey for me and comes with a heavy heart to let this baby go. 👇
Next, check out a more common thread - someone who made their first buck on the internet using NoCode tech! Also, the power of commitment and visualization is clear - skills all of us need to cultivate! Congrats, Harold!!
Harold 💯 - 13/100
A big milestone for me today 🥳

I received my first payment ever for a product I've made myself 🤩

And just in time!

Because on July 1st I'll get my video from April back from @damengchen's, in which I committed myself to this for Q2

Now, if you want your money to fold, I would urge you to start building. Check out our coverage of NoCode Weekend’s recent hackathon. There are other build weekends happening and Max Haining’s 100 Days of NoCode is always a phenomenal starting point.
Get building!!
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Top Tweets
There’s a lot happening on NoCode Twitter! This is a new section where I’ll be featuring 2-3 top tweets in the NoCode space from the past week.
Build with Adi (ChirpTag)
🚨Introducing NoCode Deca!

⚡️A repository of 40+ tools / 200+ experts! Where you can find 4+ experts per tool to interact/follow!

⏲️ After 40+ hours of work, I am so happy to launch this!

🎁 Grab your copy for free now! (Retweet and Follow and I'll DM you the copy!)

Eli 🇺🇦
Ima break up the #nocode echo chamber for a second.

@bubble is hard. Really hard.

Worth it? 💯

Doable? 💯

But expect to put in a ton of effort.

Fluffy cliches are great for building audiences but I want you to be successful.

For that you need to be prepared for the cost.
Khushi 🌼
No-code tools seem to be quite interesting to me, thinking of learning atleast 1 no/low code tool.

What's the best one according to you?

#lowcode #nocode
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