NoCode Storybook #29: A light month for the pod... A gangbusters year for NoCode thus far!!!



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Before I get into NoCode fundraising and all of that, a big welcome to the 35+ new NoCoders who joined this mailing list! I want to recognize that it has been a really light month for the pod. I took a break and then had some unexpected stuff come up (I talk a bit about this on the latest episode).
But I’m back now and ready to create more content for all the new NoCoders that joined our list! I look forward to hearing from all of you over the coming weeks!
Thought of the Week
I always love putting out the first newsletter every month, since it’s all about funding and category direction. I said last time that this is slowly becoming a fan favorite and it’s all credit to Matteo Scarabelli who helps me share the Top 3 NoCode VC investments every month. Make sure you check out his wonderfully detailed ‘Low Code Future’ newsletter!
Here’s are the Top 3 for May 2022!
#1: Evisort raised $100M in Series C Funding. Their software is all about NoCode Contract Intelligence with an AI backend!
#2: Zip did a $43M Series B round. They offer NoCode Approval workflows for business purchasing.
#3: Accern raises $20M to simplify NLP for financial firms.
Screen Grab from Matteo's Low Code Future Newsletter
Screen Grab from Matteo's Low Code Future Newsletter
All this amounted to over $230M in funds raised in May. Not bad for a slow month! This also brings the total funds raised in 2022 to a whopping $1.75B (yes, billion). Need more proof that NoCode is taking off??
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