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NoCode Storybook #23: 🍾 One Year - and a new beginning 🍾

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Thought of the Week
Celebrating milestones makes the journey worthwhile.
And with that in mind, I want to celebrate the first anniversary of My NoCode Story. What started as a mish-mash of ideas has made it’s way into 42 unique stories from makers, freelancers, automators and founders in the NoCode space. I can proudly say that this podcast is among a handful (yes, less than 5) active podcasts that focus on the NoCode ecosystem.
This has been a busy quarter for the pod and this is a roundup of changes and updates that have happened:
  1. Brand Consolidation: This newsletter and the podcast are now consolidated under the ‘My NoCode Story’ brand.
  2. Consistency and Short Stories: A big focus for me this year is consistency. In the last 10 weeks, the pod saw 17 new episodes. A big part of this is also a new mid-week ‘Short Story’ which is a 15-min or less deep-dive into a founder story or other NoCode topic. The latest Short Story is Part 1 of a multi-part ‘NoCode History Lesson’.
  3. Seth: I’m thrilled to share that Seth Fannin will join me to co-host the mid-week Short Story format. I’ve long said that the pod was a way for me to meet new people in this space, and needless to say, Seth was a guest on the pod first. We immediately hit it off, and I think Seth brings a unique perspective to the pod with his background in enterprise NoCode.
I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but suffice to say that this is but the beginning of something great! I have many more amazing announcements coming up in the second half of this year, and many more awesome interviews - so stay tuned!
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