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NoCode Storybook #19: Defining People in the NoCode Space 🙋‍♂️

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Thought of the Week
How would you categorize people in the NoCode ecosystem?
While a lot of people have attempted to categorize the NoCode and Low-Code world, they usually come at it from a tools/products angle. Take for example this Specificity x Intelligence mapping by Sapphire Ventures. You’ll see all the NoCode tools neatly classified into buckets that help VCs make investment decisions. I even talked about this with Arvil, a Group Product Manager at Okta on the pod.
NoCode Landscape by Sapphire Ventures
NoCode Landscape by Sapphire Ventures
Others have tried to simplify product selection by end-users by categorizing NoCode tools into a wide variety of groups. See the image below by also here, here and here.
No-Code Landscape by Vivek Goel
No-Code Landscape by Vivek Goel
These constructs are helpful but there seems to be a gap in defining the people in this ecosystem. I’ve been thinking about the people who make up the NoCode world and I think they broadly fit the following buckets.
  1. Makers: These are the end-users who use NoCode tools to create products with a view to test ideas and gain an understanding of the underlying market. They typically are experts in other functional or business areas but don’t have a ton of expertise in NoCode tools and constructs.
  2. Freelancers: These are experts of NoCode tool(s) who have combined their NoCode skills with their functional expertise. They generate a full-time income working with clients in the NoCode space (or realllly want to quit their 9-5 job but haven’t managed it yet).
  3. Automators: These are automation experts familiar with web scraping, API constructs and tools like Zapier and Integromat. They are typically part of an agency environment but focus their energies on automating manual tasks.
  4. Founders: These are the tool-makers who design and build NoCode platforms. They have typically founded companies that are at the forefront of the NoCode revolution. Many of them are pushing the envelope in terms of what’s possible with technology.
NoCode People Categories
NoCode People Categories
What do you think? Do you think certain groups of people are not represented in this mix? Reply to this email and tell me all about it!
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