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By Ayush

Weekly nuggets from the world of NoCode!

Weekly nuggets from the world of NoCode!

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NoCode Storybook #32: Does your money still jiggle jiggle? NoCode can help! 🫰

So many more NoCode creators are starting to turn their knowledge into some serious side hustles. First, let's start by talking about Neil Ryan Pierce who sold his NoCode business Atomic Fusion on Microacquire a mere 6 months after he started it. Congrats, Ne…


NoCode Storybook #31: A Successful NoCode Weekend!! 🦾

After discovering NoCode Weekend last week, I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing some of the amazing people in this community come together to create something special! It's not often that you see complete beginners line up at the start line with seasone…


NoCode Storybook #30: How do you spend your #NoCode Weekend?

This newsletter is sponsored by Bigin. Whether you are a startup, or a small business such as freelancer, creator, solopreneur or an agency, you can manage your business as effectively as any large company. Did you know this? With the current market, it’s mor…


NoCode Storybook #29: A light month for the pod... A gangbusters year for NoCode thus far!!!

Before I get into NoCode fundraising and all of that, a big welcome to the 35+ new NoCoders who joined this mailing list! I want to recognize that it has been a really light month for the pod. I took a break and then had some unexpected stuff come up (I talk …


NoCode Storybook #28: Strong fundraising in a weak market for NoCode Tech!

I've been traveling for the past few weeks - I hope you missed the NoCode Storybook newsletter. I'm currently experiencing a sweltering Indian summer but warmth and hospitality that's on offer more than makes up for the heat.Seth and I have been busy, though …


NoCode Storybook #27: First Major Milestone 🎉🎊

Taking a moment to celebrate Episode #50 on the pod, which incidentally is also Part 5 of 5 in our NoCode History Lesson Series. What started as a fun side project to learn more about NoCode has really become it's own thing! I even have a co-host now (shoutou…


NoCode Storybook #26: More VC Funding! 💵

I’ve been amazed at the amount of funding NoCode companies continue to raise in a pretty tough market. Once again, I’m partnering with Matteo Scarabelli to showcase the Top 3 NoCode VC investments in March 2022. Make sure you check out his wonderfully detaile…


NoCode Storybook #25: What do the numbers say? 📈

I have a love-hate relationship with statistics. Not the subject, but the way they are used (and manipulated) in today's business world to get what you want. Just take this article that shows examples of how misleading Covid-19 data visualization was used by …


NoCode Storybook #24: Hiring a NoCode CTO? 🤔

I wonder what other NoCode roles are yet to be defined. Three years back there's no way I would have believed that someone would be looking for a NoCode CTO for a platform to connect refugees (presumably from the current crisis) with employers. I would have l…


NoCode Storybook #23: 🍾 One Year - and a new beginning 🍾

Celebrating milestones makes the journey worthwhile. And with that in mind, I want to celebrate the first anniversary of My NoCode Story. What started as a mish-mash of ideas has made it's way into 42 unique stories from makers, freelancers, automators and fo…


NoCode Storybook #22: NoCode Funding Report and Investor Roundup 💰💰💰

We are coming up on 1 year of 'My NoCode Story' this weekend!! 🎉 Any thought experiment is only as successful as the people who support the thought in action!I want to take a moment to thank you personally, for listening to the pod and following this newslett…


NoCode Storybook #21: Ukraine and the World

The past week has been destabilizing, physically detrimental and emotionally draining for millions around the world. It has presented some stark opposites and offered valuable leadership lessons. However, time is of the essence and if you haven't pitched in f…


NoCode Storybook #20: Plagiarism and the Creator Economy 👿

How do creators / makers deal with blatant plagiarism? Last week I shared a framework to think about the people in the NoCode space as Makers, Freelancers, Automators and Founders. The Makers / Creators bucket is arguably the largest of these buckets - i.e. e…


NoCode Storybook #19: Defining People in the NoCode Space 🙋‍♂️

How would you categorize people in the NoCode ecosystem?While a lot of people have attempted to categorize the NoCode and Low-Code world, they usually come at it from a tools/products angle. Take for example this Specificity x Intelligence mapping by Sapphire…


NoCode Storybook #18: NoCode Funding, Automation and Resiliency! 🦾

Last week, I claimed that the markets had spooked VCs and fewer NoCode companies raised money in January. I was swiftly corrected by Matteo Scarabelli who shared (from his awesome newsletter) that 16 rounds of funding and around $500 Million went into the NoC…


NoCode Storybook #17: From #2 to #1 in January!

Let's take a walk through January 2022! With all the funding pumped into NoCode companies in December '21, it made for an exciting January. But then the markets seem to have spooked VCs (hopefully for not too long) and fewer companies raised money in January.…


NoCode Storybook #16: Is NoCode Really Hitting Scale?

One of the most popular articles written this month is featured below and it talks about how NoCode is just hitting scale. For all intents and purposes, I believe we're still in the infancy of this trend and those who are just getting started should have plen…


NoCode Storybook #15: The Rise of the NoCode Titans 🚀

December was an absolutely bonkers month for NoCode tech for a number of reasons. I’m calling it the Rise of the NoCode Titans because the amount of fundraising activity that happened was just nuts! It's crazy to think that Airtable, Polymer, Torq, Platform, …


A reset and a commitment - Issue #14

A lot of you will have noticed that the newsletter title and webpage have changed. After publishing 25 podcast episodes under the My NoCode Story banner (check it out here), the backend calisthenics required to manage multiple brands and identities was a bit …


NoCode Weekly #013 - Inject AI into your data with Levity!

What do you think about a dedicated section that highlights NoCode Jobs? 🤔