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Newsletter Of A Web Developer
Newsletter Of A Web Developer
Welcome to the first issue of my Newsletter
In this newsletter, I will walk you through what you can expect from my newsletter

Welcome to my first issue! I am very excited to launch this newsletter which will inform and inspire you on a weekly basis with all things about Web development
I have taken the liberty of signing you up for this newsletter because of our previous connection. If you ever want to unsubscribe, it is very easy to do at any time (see link in the footer below). If you would prefer this come to an alternate email, just send me a note and I will take care of it.
Whether you are planning to improve your skills, or want to know opportunities or blogs regarding web development there will be something in here for you every month.
Every Wednesday, I’ll send you this newsletter straight into your inbox, Hope you enjoyed this first issue :)
If you wish to help me, you can send me any suggestions and opportunities via email, and I’ll feature your contributions in the newsletter.
Alternatively, send me an e-mail with details about an internship opportunity, and I will include it in the newsletter. 
Now, if you have any questions for me, or you want me to talk about something in the future emails…
Just reply to this email or DM me on Twitter. I’ll personally reply back!
Talk to you soon,
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Newsletter Of A Web Developer
Newsletter Of A Web Developer @https://twitter.com/muthuannamalai_

Weekly roundup of tips, blogs, opportunities and resources around web development

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