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Stop Caring about Getting Credit

Stop Caring about Getting Credit
By Mustafa Sultan • Issue #30 • View online
Hello friends,
This week, I spoke to former National Medical Director: Sir Bruce Keogh. Here’s what he told me makes a good leader—

Sir Bruce Keogh 🌍
Sir Bruce grew up in Rhodesia (modern day Zimbabwe). He remembers sheltering under a tree and hearing about the NHS on an old transistor radio. Free healthcare for everyone? He was impressed.
He remembers seeing a black man hit by a car, 200 feet from a whites-only hospital. Battling with death, an ambulance drove him miles away to the black hospital.
That’s when he knew he had to leave. He remembers his dad saying: “There’s nothing here for you son. Get out”.
He moved to the UK with a backpack and “about 200 quid”. He was rejected from 19 medical schools before a chance encounter in a pub led to a place 🍺
He went on to transform heart failure surgery and was National Medical Director for 11 years. Here’s his Wikipedia page.
5 Principles for Leadership 💎
Rule #1: Responsibility
When Sir Bruce was a trainee surgeon, he asked his consultant:
“I clerk the patients. I operate. I manage them. I do everything. What will change when I become a consultant?”.
“The only thing that will change? You’ll have to start taking responsibility for other peoples’ mistakes”.
Rule #2: Credit
People squabble over credit in every field. In academia, management… etc.
Actually, you shouldn’t care about credit as a leader:
It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. 
Harry Truman
Rule #3: The Media
Many times, Sir Bruce was lambasted in the media. It was tempting to fight back. But—
You lose your arguments in public and win them in private.
Rule #4: Never Speak ill of your Colleagues
(Not sure about the story behind this one).
Rule #5: Vociferous Leaders
Outspoken/noisy leaders get headlines. Actually, some of the best leaders work quietly in the background. Don’t be distracted by the media’s propensity for the Donald Trumps of the world.
Full episode out in a few weeks…
#031 The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur — Prof Tony Young OBE
All the best,
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