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Putting Out Fires

Putting Out Fires
By Mustafa Sultan • Issue #31 • View online
Hello friends,
It’s been a couple of weeks of putting out fires, hence, the hiatus. Here’s something I’ve been mulling over—

Solve Your Own Problems First
Startup canon dictates that we should be obsessed with solving customer’s problems. Stephen Bourke takes this one step further.
He founded Echo, which is like Deliveroo for your prescription meds. It was acquired by the Lloyds Pharmacy group last year.
Now that he’s rich and successful, he spends his time reclining on a sofa eating grapes and investing in other companies. Stephen’s litmus test for a good investment?
He’s (more) interested in founders who are solving their own problems.
Well meaning doctorpreneurs build companies to help their patients. But there’s a knowledge/experience gap. The doctor doesn’t actually experience what their patients do.
The result? Well meaning products that no one uses.
Stephen’s really interested in companies built by doctors, for doctors.
That means boring things like transcription services (Abridge just raised $15M) and communication tools (Medic Bleep).
You need to put your own oxygen mask on first, before attempting to help those around you
AI, Academia and Business — Professor Geraint Rees (Pro-Vice-Provost AI at UCL)
‎You Need to Learn How to Code — Dr Josh Case on Apple Podcasts
All the best,
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