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Purple Cows

Mustafa Sultan
Mustafa Sultan
Hello friends,
How much would you pay for this chair?

The Porsche of office chairs
The Porsche of office chairs
This is Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. It was designed in 1992 and sits in the Museum of Modern Art. It even has its own Wikipedia page.
It costs just over £1000 and I want one. It’s a purple cow.
Seth Godin 🌏
Seth Godin is what Galileo was to the Catholic Church. He’s a heretic.
He’s a marketer but not really. He doesn’t believe in big budgets and internet ads — he believes that marketing should be embedded into the product itself: by making a purple cow.
Making a Purple Cow 🐮
A purple cow is so unique that it doesn’t need an ad. It’s a cut above the competition.
When a new Dunkin’ Donuts store opens — people drive from towns over to try it. It’s a purple cow.
I’m trying to work on making my podcast into a purple cow. Here are some things I’m trying out (let me know if you have any other ideas):
1. Beats 🔊
I ditched my safe corporate intro music for a lofi hip hop beat. I like it more so I thought why not?
2. Get out of the Bubble 💧
I’m trying to get out of the Medicine bubble/establishment — I’m bored of it. I want to hear different perspectives. Doctor against privatisation? Dime in a dozen. I want to hear from the doctor who’s pro-privatisation.
This episode was my first attempt. I was quite pro-Babylon Health so I thought it’d be interesting to hear from a doctor who’s spent the better part of three years campaigning against it.
3. Be Aggressively Exclusionary 😤
Inclusion is all the rage (and rightly so). But it’s OK to be non-inclusionary as long as it’s about peoples’ interests rather than gender, race etc.
Sometimes guests or listeners ask: Why don’t you branch out and do an episode about X? You’ll appeal to more people that way.
Who isn’t part of your movement matters almost as much as who is.
Tribes, Seth Godin
I’m quite bullish on this point. I think it’s important to be clear on who you’re not appealing to. When you appeal to everyone you appeal to no one.
I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. If you don’t enjoy hearing career advice from doctorpreneurs and professors — you’re probably not going to enjoy any of my content.
I want to attract the type of person who would stumble across my podcast and binge every episode. I don’t want to work on convincing anyone to try it.
Tribes 🛡
This is my favourite book on leadership — which is strange, because it’s actually a book on marketing. TL;DR — don’t try and appeal to everyone, create a movement (a tribe), bring everyone around you up and never take credit for anything.
Which got me thinking about tribes…
This Week's Existential Crisis 😱
I was listening to a podcast by Eric Weinstein. His warning to millennials? Many parts of society that give a sense of community are being eroded.
Depending on your culture — this could be family, religious institutes, playing in a sports team, the workplace…
So my question is — does boundless individualism (me, me, me) (to which I very much subscribe) actually lead to fulfilment?
Or do you actually have to make sacrifices to be part of a community in order to feel fulfilled?
I think this guy put it quite well—
Matt Dinan
Look, all I want is complete, unfettered autonomy, but also to be enmeshed in a community, from which I derive many benefits. Is that so much to ask?
I don’t have the answer 🤷‍♂️
#024 The AR Surgeon 🖲 — Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram BEM (CEO Proximie)
#023 BioBeats 🎶 — Dr David Plans (CEO BioBeats)
All the best,
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