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Podcast Launch

Firstly, sorry for the unsolicited add to this mailing list. Its goal is to keep my friends up-to-dat
Podcast Launch
By Mustafa Sultan • Issue #1 • View online
Firstly, sorry for the unsolicited add to this mailing list. Its goal is to keep my friends up-to-date with new episodes of my podcast along with what I’m reading and any resources I think you might enjoy.

I launched the first episode of the Big Picture Medicine podcast this week. Although everything I’ve read about marketing suggests that it should have one, clear focus—I’m not quite sure what that is yet. I made it because it’s the content I want but doesn’t really exist yet.
Here are some things that I want it to accomplish:
  • Cover interesting insights and stories in the future of Medicine.
  • Answer how medics can turn an idea they have into reality.
  • General career and productivity advice from superperformers in the field.
The first episode is an interview with Dr Abdullah Albeyatti. He’s a GP who created MedicalChain, an electronic health record system which uses blockchain (think Bitcoin) technology to put patients in charge of their healthcare data.
He’s a great storyteller and has raised $24 million for MedicalChain, alongside his clinical work. Listen if:
  • You want an idiot’s guide to blockchain and how it can be used in healthcare (hint: managing patient data, on the organ donation register and in clinical trials).
  • You’re curious about medical entrepreneurship and bringing an idea into fruition.
Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and elsewhere.
‎Big Picture Medicine: Blockchain and What Doctors Should Know About It — Dr Abdullah Albeyatti CEO of MedicalChain on Apple Podcasts
Next Time
There are lots of interesting guests coming up and I’m hoping to keep to one episode a week until August.
Next week’s episode is an interview with Professor Neil Sebire, Professor of Pathology at GOSH (Children’s Hospital). We talk about the future of pathology and paediatrics in the context of AI, how he partnered with Microsoft to build his hospital in Minecraft and the approach he’s used to publish 500+ peer reviewed papers.
Feel free to email back with any thoughts, comments or suggested guests.
All the best,
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