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Machine Learning for Medics 101

Machine Learning for Medics 101
By Mustafa Sultan • Issue #10 • View online
Hello friends,
Eventually, doctors will adopt AI and algorithms as their work partners. This levelling of the medical knowledge landscape will ultimately lead to a new premium: to find and train doctors who have the highest level of emotional intelligence.
Deep Medicine, Eric Topol

Credit: Amanda Dalbjörn
Credit: Amanda Dalbjörn
What’s the difference between machine learning, AI and deep learning? How do I read and interpret a medical machine learning paper? How can I learn more about the field?
This week’s episode is a crash course on machine learning for medics.
I first met Chris Lovejoy on a ‘machine learning for medics’ course he was delivering. Chris has a special talent for condensing a complicated field into an explain-like-im-5 resource.
He’s a doctor and data scientist, and takes you from zero to hero — no prerequisite knowledge required.
My most used phrase:
“I don’t get it”
Luckily, Chris is super patient. The aim of this episode is to explain machine learning in Medicine to anyone with some medical background.
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‎Big Picture Medicine: Machine Learning for Medics 101 🤖 — Dr Chris Lovejoy Doctor and Data Scientist
6 High Yield Resources
Here are a list of resources Chris recommends on the podcast. Some are basic and a nice way to get your feet wet, whilst others focus on core fundamentals (read: difficult).
1. Chris’s Newsletter
If you’re keen to have your finger on the pulse — I’d highly recommend subscribing to Chris’s newsletter. Here’s a great edition on the use of AI in drug discovery.
2. Doctor Penguin Newsletter
Eric Topol (and team) also release a weekly newsletter on the latest AI in healthcare papers.
3. How to read medical AI papers in JAMA
Here’s an in-depth article on how to read medical AI papers by an engineer at Google.
4. Deep Medicine (book)
A nice overview of the field.
5. Machine Learning Performance Metrics
Here’s an article which explains all of the performance metrics used in medical machine learning papers.
6. Skin Analytics Podcast
Can you move fast and break things with machine learning in healthcare?
Interesting Papers
What I'm Reading
If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy? by Raj Raghunathan
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