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Flying Cars

Hello friends, I came across this quote whilst reading Elon Musk's biography— Around 2010, Peter Thie
Flying Cars
By Mustafa Sultan • Issue #7 • View online
Hello friends,
I came across this quote whilst reading Elon Musk’s biography—
Around 2010, Peter Thiel, the PayPal cofounder and early Facebook investor, began promoting the idea that the technology industry had let people down. “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters” 
Remember watching Ron Weasley take off in his family’s flying car?
We want a vaccine, instead we might get a smartphone-tracing system.

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say that AI isn’t going to get us out of the covid-19 crisis.”
Natasha Loder, Health Policy Editor at the Economist
Except some researchers have been trying just that. They’re using deep learning to read CT scans and try to diagnose COVID-19, as well as building other types of models to predict the prognosis (mortality, length of hospital stay etc.) of the disease.
A number of these models have been published as preprints or in academic journals — but Professor Laure Wynant’s team found that they were poorly reported, at a high risk of bias and and highly optimistic about their results.
On this week’s podcast, I speak to Professor Wynants of Maastricht University about her recent systematic review of these models published in the BMJ.
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