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Fast and Furious

Hello friends, This week I asked some questions and got some answers...
Fast and Furious
By Mustafa Sultan • Issue #21 • View online
Hello friends,
This week I asked some questions and got some answers…

Trump, Putin, Farage — there’s a trend. Even in hospitals, it seems like the d**ks keep on winning.
As much as I love the 100th seminar on shared decision-making and the importance of the multidisciplinary team — I think questions like this are more interesting and neglected.
It’s something I’m trying to get to the bottom of and I want to ask the best professors, clinicians and doctorpreneurs about it. Future episodes coming out on this topic…
The Future of the Podcast
When I (e)met my hero (Ali Abdaal), he told me that I need to release one podcast every single week for two years — no excuses. It sounds difficult. But owing to some successful grovelling, I have a lot of guests lined up this summer.
As I start final year med in September, I thought I could stockpile 10s of episodes and release them slowly throughout the year, taking some of the pressure off.
Podcasts will generally have a lead time of ¾ months — they’ll record many episodes over a short period of time and then ‘bank’ them — slowly drip feeding them to you.
Pros of banking episodes: clever use of time, record episodes when I have time (now) to take the pressure off when I don’t (final year). Creates a nice safety net.
Cons of banking episodes: the risk that some episodes will become stale/irrelevant by the time I release them.
Banking is the sensible option — but who likes sensible? Personally, the best things in life have come from being (a little) stressed.
So I’m going to up the release schedule to twice weekly for the rest of summer, burn through all my stockpiled episodes — and then start final year with no safety net and hope for the best.
What would Vin Diesel do?
What would Vin Diesel do?
Ignoring the hyperbole — what’s the motivation behind this? I’m obsessed with exponentials. I think doubling my output will do more than double my growth. I think (/hope) it will 4–5x it.
Ride or die
Ride or die
#018 Babylon, Staying in Medicine and Navigating the Business World — Dr Umang Patel Director of NHS Services Babylon Health
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