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Double Dipping 😛

Mustafa Sultan
Mustafa Sultan
You know what shocked me?

Those delicious Dominos Pizza dips. A large one has 675 calories (~an hour of jogging).
Sometimes I share this dip with a friend. Each pizza slice requires 3–4 dippings. So we both eat and our arteries are only half as bunged up 👍 
You know what else shocked me?
Apparently this is really disgusting — and is called double dipping. Something about saliva being transferred between bites.
A friend told me a story about his friend. He was sharing a pizza with a friend who made the error of double dipping. So angered was this friend — that he flipped the whole pizza + box onto the floor.
Why are you emailing me about pizza?
It’s a Tuesday. Professor Mariska Leeflang will receive 67 emails. Three of these will be requests from publishers to peer review (read: legit check) a paper for free.
She may choose to accept one of these requests — feeling a duty to contribute to science. Many of her public-spirited colleagues will do the same.
Wrists cocked back with open palms — they forget to mention something in their email. The tidy profit they’re going to make off of her and other scientists’ hard work (Elsevier: £982M in 2019).
Scientific publishers have tactfully mastered the Double Dip. Take research publicly funded by governments and carried out by scientists — and then sell it back to them.
What about McDonalds?
In Business School, I learn about the value chain. This is the things a company does to bring value to a customer.
For McDonalds, this starts with importing beef from New Zealand all the way to serving it to you in the Drive-Thru (a McDonald’s invention FYI).
Trying to make a value chain for a medical journal is easy. It’s a really short list.
Over the next few weeks, I’m going to send you a really average mini-thesis on what I think is broken with scientific publishing and how to fix it.
If that sounds boring to you — it probably is. I appreciate your support anyway. 
Hit <reply> if you’d double dip with me.
‎#045 Former Special Advisor to the Health Secretary — Richard Sloggett
Warmest wishes,
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