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World, Folk, Roots | Music4you by Eric E. van Monckhoven - Issue #43 - March 2022

Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven
I trust this message finds you well. This week I wanted to focus on the Loccisano & De Carolis guitar duo who are bringing new light and life to an almost forgotten instrument of southern Italy: the “chitarra battente”.
The same happened to the Calabrian lira years ago.
Many folk and world music bands from Calabria have since re-introduced with success both instruments in their line-up.
If you are interested in the duo for your venue or festival, do not hesitate to contact me
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Chitarra battente
Loccisano & De Carolis Guitar Duo
Loccisano & De Carolis Guitar Duo
Here is what Wikipedia is saying on the instrument:
“The chitarra battente (in Italian "strumming guitar”, however “battente” literally means “beating” related to the fact that this guitar thumps the rhythm of the music) is a musical instrument, a chordophone of the guitar family. It is similar to the 5-course baroque guitar, but larger and typically strung with five double strings, traditionally made of brass, but currently - steel. Nowadays it is typically used by folk musicians, mainly in the southern Italian regions of CalabriaApuliaBasilicata, and Campania, as well as in other areas of southern Italy.“
Francesco Loccisano
Francesco Loccisano
Francesco Loccisano
Francesco is a classical guitar player from Calabria (Italy) who specialized in the use of Chitarra Battente. His innate talent and great passion for the instrument have led him to create a very personal compositional and interpretative style that is much appreciated by an ever-growing circle of professionals.
In 2015, Italian world music legend Eugenio Bennato invited him to join his Taranta Power Band. This was the starting point of various other collaborations, including with big names like Vinicio Capossela and Gianna Nannini. 
In 2010, Francesco released his first solo album, “Battente Italiana”, followed in 2013 by “Mastrìa” and in 2017 by “Solstizio”. The collaboration with the Spanish director Carlos Saura for the docufilm “La Jota” consecrated Loccisano as a chitarra battente virtuoso on the international scene. 
He is currently director of the chair of chitarra battente at the “PI Tchaikovsky” conservatory in Nocera Terinese (CZ. Italy).
Thanks to his work and dedication, the guitar is enjoying greater attention even on the global music scene.
Marcello De Carolis
Marcello De Carolis
Marcello De Carolis
Marcello graduated in classical guitar at the G. da Venosa conservatory in Potenza in 2012 with full marks and honors. He attended numerous courses and masterclasses held by Italian guitar legends like Angelo Gilardino, Luca Fabrizio, Roland Dyens, Leo Brower, and Aniello Desiderio. He learned to play the chitarra battente through his friendship with Loccisano.
In 2015, he founded the duo “Cordaminazioni” together with Luca Fabrizio. They recorded an album titled with the same name. In 2017, Angelo Gilardino dedicated to him the track “Solitary Tree”, composed for chitarra battente and classical guitar, and the “Matera Concert” for chitarra battente and ten instruments within the framework of Matera Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. This material, which is available on various digital shops and for streaming, is also part of De Carolis’ debut album “The Eclectic Beating” which was released in 2021 on Da Vinci Classics Records.
Loccisano & De Carolis Duo
La tarantella di Zio Nicola - @Francesco Loccisano - chitarra battenteMarcello De Carolis -official
La tarantella di Zio Nicola - @Francesco Loccisano - chitarra battenteMarcello De Carolis -official
It seems that the collaboration between the two guitarists from Southern Italy, Francesco Loccisano and Marcello De Carolis, has no real beginning. It all started with their passion for guitar playing and their interest in a traditional folk guitar called “Chitarra Battente”. 
“When we started with the instrument, which is typical of the musical traditions of the southern part of Italy, it seemed impossible to make use of it for soli and melodies. But after various experiments, a new sound took shape. It was so unique that we went for it. We eventually developed a guitar method published by, and worked on a repertoire of our own compositions. The album “Venti” was released in 2020 on ItalySona Records.”
The duo, which has performed mostly in Italy in theaters, conservatories, festivals auditoriums, and summer festivals, also started recently to play internationally.  
Highlights: International Guitar Festival of Lagonegro, Alica Festival, Conservatory of Music F. Cilea of ​​Reggio Calabria, Mandolin Festival of Avigliano.
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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven

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