World, Folk, Roots | Music4you by Eric E. van Monckhoven - Issue #42 - March 2022





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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven
It was a real pleasure this week to talk with Araceli Tzigane of Mapamundì Musica who asked me some question on how I see the role of booking agents. You can find the interview in her Newsletter, which is always full of insights.
It was also exciting to work on new projects in collaboration with CalabriaSona. I got a chance to discover the duo Loccisano & De Carolis of “chitarra battente”, and the band Folkatomik, who are mixing avant-garde electronics with ancient and traditional sounds from Southern Italy and the Mediterranean.
The chitarra battente is a fascinating instrument that is used by folk musicians in southern Italy to accompany tarantella and pizzica pizzica.You can read my introduction to Calabrian Tarantella in the last EFN Newsletter.
Have a good week.

The chitarra battente is a fascinating instrument. Both Francesco Loccisano and Marcello De Carolis are putting it back on the map thanks to their musical talent, creativity, and sense of innovation.
@Francesco Loccisano&Marcello De Carolis - Official
@Francesco Loccisano&Marcello De Carolis - Official
“When we started with the instrument, it seemed impossible to make use of it for soli and melodies. But after various experiments, a new sound took shape that was so unique that we went for it. We eventually developed a guitar method ("La Chitarra Battente - Metodo Base”) and an album. “Venti” was released in 2020 on ItalySona Records, and is our first opus in duo.”
The duo, which has performed mostly in Italy in theaters, conservatories, festivals auditoriums, and summer festivals, also started recently to play internationally.  
@FolkAtomik Live Teaser
@FolkAtomik Live Teaser
Folkatomik is an original quartet with several identities. Led by Italian producer/DJ/musician Daniele Li Bassi (ref. Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston), the band blends electronic avant-garde music with inspiring singing and trad instruments from Southern Italy and the Mediterranean. The result is a live performance with a contemporary and glorious glocal sound that makes you dance and reconnect with the deep and the ancient. A debut album is on its way (April 2022)
The New Scandinavian String Trio
The New Scandinavian String Trio
The Italian Manu Chao
The Italian Manu Chao
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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven

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