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World, Folk, Roots | Music4you by Eric E. van Monckhoven - Issue #24

Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven
As you know, Fall is full of showcase festivals and professional conferences for our sector. From Womex to Visa for Music, from Mundial Montreal to FiraB, and many other regional or international appointments, one must make a choice.
For what we’re concerned with, our efforts will go to the EFN- European Folk Network Conference in Budapest to be held on November 17 and 18, and to Musiconnect-Italy, the first showcase event for Italian folk/world music artists to take place in Pistoia on December 2 to 5.
Coming to the Italian world/folk music scene, which has for years been known almost exclusively for the taranta-pizzica, and for Salento, let me say that there is much more to explore and discover.
I started five years ago to collaborate with the social activist, poet, minstrel, singer, and songwriter Luca Bassanese. I’m very surprised that with twelve albums under his belt (two of them produced during the pandemic through successful crowdfunding campaigns), various honorary awards, unique live performances that have fired the stages of some the major European music festivals like Paleo and Sziget, there is still so little interest among journalists, presenters, and promoters with an artist who has grown his fanbase on Facebook organically from 13.000 to more 100.000 followers during the lock down, by appearing online every day to engage with his fans from all over the world, and has such a charisma on stage that it takes no more than five minutes to get the audience as one
Go and check it out! You’ll be positively impressed. This is where Manu Chao or Goran Bregovic meet Fellini and the spirit of Italy’s Commedia dell’Arte
I feel we must deconstruct the idea that Italian artists want to sing and perform only to Italians (see Måneskin). Each region of Italy has such a rich cultural and musical diversity that speaks to the world.
Luca’s new album is coming out today on all digital platforms! Piazza Bassanese Vol.2 is the second album dedicated to his fan base – Piazza Bassanese.  
If the albums don’t say much to you - it’s modern Italian poetry -, check him live, or have a look at the video clips. They tell more!
Contact me for any further information.
Have a good week!
PS: Dates available in Benelux-France in May (Luca is already booked for the Labadoux and Airbag festivals in Belgium in that period)

Luca Bassanese - - Booking partner for GAS countries
Luca Bassanese - - Booking partner for GAS countries
Piazza Bassanese Vol. II
SHOWCASE EVENT - Musiconnect - Italy
TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM: Back on the Road Again
Tsuumi Sound System - Live 2020
Tsuumi Sound System - Live 2020
“The energy is all there, plus an excellent combination of Finnish fiddle music with a rock steady rhythm section.” Michal Shapiro 
Available all though 2022 (Europe) - 2023 (Canada)
Enjoy life with good friends and great music!
Take care!
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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven

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