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World, Folk, Jazz | Music4you - Issue #55

Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven
I hope you are enjoying a nice change of season. 
Last week, I introduced you to some of the Festival bands I am working with, and that are available in 2023 for your next festival edition. Some of them, including Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare, are doing well this year. Others should earn more attention, like Tsuumi Sound System.
Because I also love jazz, I decided that I will work with a small roster of new artists/bands that are already available in concert – some of them touring internationally with success. I am thinking of Antonio Lizana Quintet (Arturo O'Farrill, Markus Miller, Becca Stevens, Snarky Puppy) and his new jazz and of Daniel Garcia Trio who is re-inventing Spanish jazz. There is a whole new generation of fantastic musicians out there. I will be busy promoting and booking them in the Nordic countries and Canada. If you are interested, do not hesitate to drop me a line
To that roster, I will also add the Ellipsis Quintet of Greek trumpet player, composer, and arranger Vasilis Nalbantis. Their debut album “Avoid The Void” is receiving fantastic reviews from various media in several categories: world, jazz, and prog-rock music. I find it interesting enough to give them a small push. Have a listen, and send me your feedback. 
You might have seen that Womex has started to present the 2022 artist selection for Lisbona. For now, my first choice goes with Djely Tapa. What a voice and groovy sound! I am sure we’ll hear more from her in the future. 
Last but not least, Folkatomik (Italy) are releasing their debut albumPolaris” this week under the label Italysona of Giuseppe Marasco. They are blending avant-garde electronica with trad music from southern Italy, the Mediterranean, and other eclectic sources. The album has a special focus on tarantellas and pizzicas. A perfect choice for a festival after-party or a word music dance club. Ask for a download link by writing to
Have a great day.

On Tour
Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare
Luca Bassanese & la Piccola Orchestra Popolare
Luca Bassanese & la Piccola Orchestra Popolare
25 Jun Hohenloher Kultursommer - Zehntkeller Hohebach, Germany
01 Jul Theater Hemelhoeve Brasschaat, Belgium
17 Aug Concerts from the Library of Congress > Folklife Concerts, USA
19 Aug Piere’s Fort Wayne, IN, USA
17 Sep Meise Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium
14 Oct Kulturfenster-Verein z. Förder. Bildung u. Kultur Heidelberg, Germany
Tsuumi Sound System
23 Jul Het Lindeboom, France
Antonio Smiriglia
22 Jul Festival Cançons de la Mediterrània, Palma, Spain
Northern Resonance
15/16 Aug Les Traversées Tatihou, France
06 Nov Tey Club, Belgium
Duo Loccisano De Carolis
7 Oct Mas des Oursons, France
8 Oct Internationales de la Guitare, France
New Releases
Ellipsis Quintet - Avoid the Void
Coming up
Antonio Lizana - Nos Quisimos Así (Directo)
Antonio Lizana - Nos Quisimos Así (Directo)
Enjoy life with good friends and great music!
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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven

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