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Live Music With roots | Music4you | March 2022 - Issue #40 by Eric E. van Monckhoven

Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven
On February 17, just before Russian military forces invaded Ukraine, Northern resonance, the new Scandinavian string trio, had a gig at the International Winter Arts Festival in Sochi, on the Black Sea. We were a bit anxious but all embassies guaranteed there would be no trouble. And hopefully, the concert with the symphony orchestra at the Parade of Stars and World Premieres was a success.
The next stop for the band will be on March 18th at Eurofonik in Nantes (France) – another première. 
On the 24th, Wor, the Belgian folk quintet, received a standing ovation at Le Nouveau Pavillon in Brittany. 
Then, on the 26th, Tsuumi Sound System put the Joensuu Winter Fest’s stage on fire with their urban ethno groove, while Luca Bassanese was busy transforming his float at Viareggio Carnival in Italy into a symbol of peace.
Running events and concerts in the “New Normal” (pandemic, war, etc.) is bringing many questions to my mind. But music can play an important role by bringing people together to share what they hold in common.
These last days, many cultural organisations have issued important statements calling for peace and dialogue, and the solidarity ecosystem is waking up. 
Our friends at the Hungarian Heritage House who hosted the European Folk Network last conference in November are very active. They ran many projects in Ukraine (see and of course have many colleagues and relatives there too. I will go for supporting them.
I have heard that many countries are sending weapons and military equipment. I am of the idea that providing the civil society movement with a similar budget to support peace education, intercultural dialogue, and cultural cooperation could also make sense. 
Something we can do!

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Tsuumi Sound System - Joensuu Winter Fest 2022
Tsuumi Sound System - Joensuu Winter Fest 2022
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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven

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