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Folk, World, Jazz by Music4you | Festival bands - Last Available dates 2022 - Avails 2023 | Issue #54

Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven
The Summer is here already with Live Music everywhere.
Nevertheless, let’s consider 2023! (also Fall/Winter 2022)
We are booking now the following festival bands:
Contact us for more details.
Hearing from you soon.

The Nordic Feel
“One of the most inventive and innovative Nordic Folk bands - with a rock steady section and a jazz twist.”
Tsuumi Sound System - Live 2021
Tsuumi Sound System - Live 2021
This multi-awarded Finnish band knows the job. The energy is all there, plus an excellent combination of fiddle and accordion music with a rock steady rhythm section and a twist of jazz. Rooted in Nordic folk traditions, the band has toured extensively in 20 countries around the globe, recorded four widely praised albums, a live session on BBC 3, worked together with groups like Väsen and Die Deutsche Kammerfilharmonie, and largely inspired the new generation of European “trad-folk” artists.
Highlights: Womex (Gr), BBC3 (UK), Castelfidardo International, Montelago Celtic Festival (It), Guinness Irish Festival (Ch), Lotus Festival (USA), Eurofonik (Fr), Viljandi (EE), Folkelarm (No), Tradit (Nl), Dranouter (Be)
Line-up: Tero Hyväluoma, fiddle | Hannu Kella, accordion | Pekka Seppänen, saxophones | Pilvi Järvelä, piano & harmonium | Jani Kivelä, guitars | Olli Rantala, double bass | Jussi Nikula, drums & percussion
Discography: Blinking Lights (2018), Floating Letters (2013), Growing Up (2009), Hottas (2007), Avoi Kentta (2002)
The Italian Feel
LUCA BASSANESE & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare
“A unique, festive, and socially engaged performance with the vibrant icon of new Italian popular music”
Luca Bassanese in Concert - Luca Bassanese en concert
Luca Bassanese in Concert - Luca Bassanese en concert
At the center of European festivals’ attention with a spicy infusion of transalpine tarantellas, a pumping Balkan blowing power, and a lot of irony, Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare look like a gang of rampaging Roman gladiators in search of Federico Fellini’s posthumous legacy. No audience can resist Luca’s merciless positive energy.
13 albums | More than 100 000 followers on FB | Multi-awarded
Highlights: Sziget (Hu), Paleo (Ch), Musiconnect (It), Dranouter, Airbag, Labadoux, Esperanzah (Be), Nuits Metis, Fete de l'Europe, Le Cabaret Sauvage, Le grand Soufflet (Fr), Jazz & The City (At)
Line-up: Luca Bassanese (Lead vocal, Bass drum), Stefano Florio (guitars, bouzouki, effects, vocals), Elodie Lebigre (dance, vocals, small percussion ), Domenico De Nichilo (tube, trombone), Paolo Cecchin (bass, vocals), Tommaso Maddalena (drums),
Discography: Reset (2022) coming soon, more (2006/21)
The Calabrian Feel
“Truly inspiring”
Parafoné - La notti passa
Parafoné - La notti passa
The exhilarating drive of Parafoné’s music is as good as anything coming from Africa. It is a fine example on how one finds inspiration in the rich local cultural heritage to innovate and put forward the musical traditions of an area that, in the middle of the Mediterranean and between two seas, has always been a place of virtuous contamination and the cradle of Tarantella– from the times of the ancient Magna Grecia to modern days.
Line-up: Bruno Tassone (vocals, trad. instruments), Angelo Pisani (wind and trad-instruments), Antonio La rosa (drums, percussion), Domenico Tino (guitars, saz, bouzouki), Omar Remi (bass), Antonio Codispoti (accordion)
Discography: Live in Quarantine (2020) Incenso e Mirra (2019), Amistà (2015), Disperanza (2012), Il Ritorno dei Suoni (2011)
Special projectCalabria Orchestra (2021)
The Mediterranean Feel (After-Party)
“The glocal energy of this Italian electro-folk quartet has its own charm. Take care: it creates addiction!”
FolkAtomik Live Teaser S.Martino
FolkAtomik Live Teaser S.Martino
Folkatomik are a new quartet that blends electronica with traditional music from southern Italy and the Mediterranean. Under the guidance of guitarist, DJ and producer, Daniele Li Bassi, who has shared the stages of Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Eugenio Finardi, Max Gazzè, Bandabardò, and many other Italian and international artists, they are touring extensively in Italy this summer and will showcase their debut album “Polaris” at Medimex 2022.
Line-up: Valeria Quarta (voice, percussion), Daniele Li Bassi (guitar, DJ set), Franco Montanaro (voice, percussion), Oreste Forestieri (flutes, plectrum, trad instruments).
Discography: Polaris (2022) coming soon
Also available in concert
Europe - Season 2022/23
New! Kind of Jazz
Nordic/Baltic, Canada - Season 2023
Contact us for availability & info
Enjoy life with good friends and great music!
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Eric E. van Monckhoven
Eric E. van Monckhoven

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