By Corey Crossfield

Music - Issue #47





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Startups and change makers leveraging music and music technology to curate a more creative world.

Good Morning!
Hope you are all having a great week so far.
This Week’s Highlights
The game industry is trying to solve how they can incorporate licensing more legally.
Yellowheart, backed by The Chainsmokers, is trying to disrupt the ticketing industry.
Facebook FINALLY discusses their plan for the music portion of their platform.
Have a great week!
Corey & Josh

How does the games industry solve its problem with music licensing?
Meet YellowHeart, The Chainsmokers-Backed Ticketing Platform That Puts Artists in Control
Guns N' Roses Fans 'Fear' That the Band is Setting a Piracy Trap
Case Study: Turno x Comment-to-Messenger
Music marketing on TikTok: ‘Give the audience the opportunity to be their own influencer’
How streaming killed underground micro-labels
The future of gaming in electronic music
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Corey Crossfield Corey Crossfield - Music Digest Curator
Josh Ford Josh Ford
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