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Music - Issue #44





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Startups and change makers leveraging music and music technology to curate a more creative world.

Good Morning!
Hope you are all having a great week so far.
This Week’s Highlights
We found a slide deck from Mounia Lalmas-Roelleke who is the Research Director at Spotify. She was speaking at Web Conference 2019 about the BaRT algorithm at Spotify and how it functions.
YouTube is entering the personalized algorithm playlists it was announced this week.
Tik Tok has garnered the interest of Hollywood (that took a minute.
Startup Spotlight
Startup spotlight this week is on A&R focused startup Andrsn. The company has a website where you are allowed to upload your music and it says it will deliver it to music industry people looking for new music. It seems to have a more hands on approach to A&R than other data and trend focused startups in this space. Nonetheless it is still an interesting take on a problem more labels and platforms are looking to solve.
Have a great week!
Corey & Josh

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Pandora puts its personalization powers to work in a revamped app
Melodrive launches 24-hour Twitch channel of AI-generated music
How Spotify’s Algorithm Knows Exactly What You Want to Listen To
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