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If you still believe in humanity & other news
By MuseumWeek • Issue #12 • View online
Dear professionals from Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, dear friends passionated by Culture, Art and Science,

If you’re still believe in humanity, please note/remember that on 17 June 2022, Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Artists and Digital Creators will raise awareness on Climate Change with the hashtag #environmentMW. Save the date, prepare your posts, prepare your events.
The Arctic ocean photographed in the same place, 105 years ago vs today.

#archaeohistories https://t.co/eG51n9mzTR
Enjoy the rest of this newsletter, thank you for reading us, have a great week and stay safe.
Benjamin BENITA,
President of Culture For Causes Network
MuseumWeek 2022
Our OpenAgendais ready to list the cultural events that you will organize during MuseumWeek 2022 (13-19 June), we will promote them on our channels. Beyond MuseumWeek 2022, you can also list any event that is at the crossroads of Innovation, Culture and Society, we will also promote them! 🌟Register your events!https://openagenda.com/museumweek
Three Curated News
How to Make Museums More Accessible for People with Disabilities?
Italy’s 'monuments men' sign deal with Unesco to help protect world's heritage
The Journey Back: A VR Experience - Illinois Holocaust Museum
International Dance Day
Last week was International Dance Day, free your neurons & muscles, and (re)enjoy this amazing dance performance by Christopher Walken. Oh, and, on the last day of MuseumWeek (19 June), prepare posts and events with the hashtag #danceMW!
Fatboy Slim ft. Bootsy Collins - Weapon Of Choice [Official 4k Video]
Fatboy Slim ft. Bootsy Collins - Weapon Of Choice [Official 4k Video]
Art tweets
ᴍᴜsᴇᴜᴍᴡᴇᴇᴋ 🏛
Border Memory (Recuerdo de la frontera), Betsabeé Romero (Mexico, born 1963)


Photo © Betsabeé Romero https://t.co/gaZPw949SA
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