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Why I Started This Newsletter? Genesis Issue! #1

Understanding Web3.0 Legal Issues
Understanding Web3.0 Legal Issues
I’m going to deep dive into Web3 legal problems. The first issue explains what’s on my mind. Please join me along the way!

Why I Started This Newsletter? Genesis Issue! #1
GM! and greetings from Istanbul! (as if it will matter too much where I am physically located in the near future.)
I started both my legal and entrepreneurial careers at the same time. I’ve been working on startup and privacy laws ever since. It becomes a daily sport to be prepared for what technology brings and what will be their legal implications. In addition, if you work multijurisdictional, any new trend knocks on your door.
I was never hesitant about blockchain but I think resources were awful. There were even some books which doesn’t teach me a single word. Hopefully first cryptos, then NFTs became a phenomenon and prepared the stage for what matters -at least to me-: WEB 3.0
In the meantime, apart from 100x coins and “cryptosth” “boredsth club” NFT collections; we had lots of cases, legislation attempts, solid communities, quality content which triggered me to deep dive into WEB 3.0 and its possible legal implications.
I will be posting weekly newsletters about my findings during the dives.
What’s on my mind to deep dive (not in order):
  • DAO Formations and Liability (DAOs are obviously huge! Everyone loves an added layer of non-liability)
  • SAFTs (I’ve been negotiating SAFEs for years, it is going to be fun.)
  • Privacy x WEB3 (I need to use those certificates somewhere! - ofcoursejoking- It is been a passion for me to evaluate the privacy aspect of everything. WEB3 is on an important edge.)
  • Portugal Crypto Taxation (It looks too good to be true.)
  • Wyoming DAO Law* (They became the pioneer but DAO LLCs in Wyoming are not that popular. I have to poke the bear.)
  • Property Law x Virtual Lands (What is the limit of traditional property ownership?)
  • Intellectual Property Issues for NFTs and Metaverse (I have never been a huge IP believer but everyone keeps asking, so why not dig in?)
  • Legal Responsibility of Decentralized or so-called Decentralized Platforms (I’m not too enthusiastic about crypto exchanges, other platforms like OpenSea will be a priority to me.)
  • Delaware Tokenized Shares (I’ve been incorporating companies in Delaware for years, it was such an excitement to me!)
  • Powers of Communities in Dispute Solving (I had a flood about what happened in BAYC. More will come!)
  • Legal Enforceability of Smart Contracts (Smart contracts are not legally binding contracts in every legal system, it will be fun to compare.)
Please feel free to comment and add to the discussion. If you want to publish issues, just DM me, we can write together on any topic. I’m planning to send a new issue every Monday. I will try to add an additional issue per 50 subs. Let’s see what’s going to happen!
What I try to follow nowadays:
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Understanding Web3.0 Legal Issues
Understanding Web3.0 Legal Issues @mumtazhcpsglu

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