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Chiruu's dad - Issue #1

Chin Kannangara
Chin Kannangara
Hi friends,
The world is all connected. People have to play many roles. We all also have to play our roles with a wonderful move. My personal opinion is to live the life fullest while fulfilling our responsibilities as much as possible.
We need to define what is our own life into our own creative pathways. We need to create a connectivity thread to share our ideas and methods of winning the life battles as a dad and young individuals. How can we balance our personal lives as a dad, husbands, and ultimately as a part of the society that we are engaged in?
I personally believe life should have a unique pathway and routined way that needs to practice daily. We need to practice tiny little habits which can be directly interconnected to facilitate our hectic lifestyles. So I hope to discuss that life is so easy and methodical when we practice a routined pathway.
But life is such a dynamic thing and we can not plan it strictly into a fixed timetable. This is the place where we break our focus to do the daily tasks with a moving and steady attitude. So there may be a lot of chances to happen few many mistakes.
So as a father I was really stuck when I became a first-time parent. At the same time, I tried to share my experiences, how I overcome day-to-day challenges related to baby care and my development of my first child with an enormous number of difficulties. Now I became a father and still as a young man I need to think and act as a well-organized male individual by keeping my grooming, physique, health, and wealth.
But my time is limited and I need to diversify my normal life pattern to fulfill my duties as a father.
So my personal perspective towards life is changed and I was able to craft an exemplary success model through my newly achieved fatherhood.
Life is moving. Still, we need to cheer on that. We all need the fullest living with remarkable mindfulness.
So keep in touch with me.
How I started. How did I transform my life | My Baby Care
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Chin Kannangara
Chin Kannangara

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